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and why not? the weather was beautiful all weekend and I needed to rest….
was headed out to San Diego for the weekend to see Bill Maher at the Humphreys by the Bay theater… but the seats I got weren’t too great, so I’m gonna see his other show and we just both wanted to stay in and I wanted to work on upgrades on my house….

so I woke up and headed over to 1 of my favorite eat & shopping spots; Barney’s New York…. the top floor, Barney’s Green Grass is great for brunch!

Barney’s is 1 of the only places on earth where no matter what I can find something to wear and buy…. so that = DANGEROUS!

ran around town looking at furniture…. a old high school alumni of mine Chris owns a store called Blueprint by my house, so I checked out a few things…. but wasn’t certain, hit up CB2 and West Elm and Haus and some other spots that were out of my budget (small tiny chairs for $6,000 = not baller, but sultan/prince money)…. so as I’m walking out of CB2 to walk into Trader Joe’s…. this lanky tall dude walks next to me and scares the shit out of me, I thought he wanted a hand out or some money…. but it was the little homey Drama(from Fantasy Factory) and I chopped it up with him for a sec before we shook to the Grove.

Me and nic headed to see the Switch at the Grove….. had to get our iced Vanilla Latte’ and the movie was pretty good….. can’t believe it didn’t do better at the box office…. I’ve never been a fan of Jennifer Anniston, but I’ve been a fan of Jason Bateman since I was 8 years old…. I’m glad he made a crazy comeback.

headed back to the trap and met up with Homicide….. we took Homicide to eat at Vegan Glory…. Homicide is one of my very few friends who has a crazy open mind…. most people wouldn’t even think to try eating Vegan, but he’s been a fan of healthy food for a while now…. DON’T GET IT FUCKED UP THOUGH, WE BOTH EAT LIKE SHIT AND HAVE ATE LIKE SHIT FOREVER! I mean, we could eat pizza’s the size of wagon wheels, eat McDonalds and so on and so forth…. after 1 single bite of the 1st dish, Craig was a fan like a famished child tasting a t-bone steak.
we ordered a lot of dishes and he was like this is crazy! Vegan Glory is really that good…. Real Foods Daily is very good too and It’s been around longer, but Vegan Glory is just better.

After that, he showed me pics of his new 4 foot kaws companion and we just chopped it up at the crib for a while… then me and nic watched the Outsiders since she’d never seen it before. (classic fucking movie)


Saturday morning, I wanted to still head out of town lightweight, but some place warm…. then after browsing online it just got too late to make a spontaneous proper move…. I just got bad news that my pops had a really bad 24 hours, so bad that they have to postpone his surgery which was supposed to happen today or tomorrow. sucks…. so I went to go visit him….

after that, my girl made breakfast and then we headed to the brand new Santa Monica Place outdoor mall….. I remember hitting this place when I was 8 years old and loved this spot! well after a while, this place started to fall the fuck off and 4 years ago I remember it starting to look a abandoned spot in Cabo…. only like 30% of the stores were open and it was depressing to look at… well now this shit is really REALLY nice! from Ted Baker to Louis Vuitton to a Joe’s Jeans and many other stores…. a nice bloomingdales and off the hook food court makes this the spot to hit on the westside or the beach side. On the top floor where the food court is, are also 3 or 4 nice restaurants, so we decided to try out the Mexican restaurant, La Sandia and I’m picky about mexican food…. I mean, El Cholo in Koreatown (the OG spot, Jack Nicholson’s fave) is one of the best nicer mexican restaurants, another spot on the Boyle Heights/Downtown LA/East Los border I forget is really nice and then there’s Casa Vega and Lare’s which are both outstanding and undeniable…..

well Javiars in the OC pretty much blows a lot of these LA spots away because of their decor and the view they have (crystal cove, not irvine smh) and their food and bar is off the chain… but this new spot La Sandia had great food! their bar shit on Javiars and my only complaint was they served black beans and not re-fried…. but it was real good…

they make guacamole to your liking at your table and the shit is crazy good!

I got the beef barbacoa enchilada’s and murked them early!

Nic got the Iron Skillet Shrimp Tacos which I later murked too…

and then we decided to walk around the samo place for a little while and do some shopping


then we shook across the street and walked down the 3rd street Promenade for a while…. this was overall more walking than Runyon Canyon in 1 full revolution smh….

this was the only thing worth taking a pic of:

I get a call from my boy Noel from SURU and he tells me that my new be@rbrick which was due to release in Sept. got to him early! So I get to valet asap! and head over to melrose!

before I stop at SURU, I stop at Marc Jacobs to pick up a few pairs of my favorite boxers and a small wallet for me and for nic and now I don’t need to use my rubber band wallet I was using (I had to retire all my louis vuitton coin purse wallets that have the chain that attach to the belt loops because THEY ARE SO FUCKING PLAYED OUT NOW! SMH @ clowns who wear them outside their pockets)

Suru as I’ve mentioned many times on this blog before is a boutique store on Melrose that carries everything from fresh tees and clothes to unique watches and art and books and just great gifts, but most importantly….THEY HAVE THE MOST OFFICIAL LEGIT MEDICOM BE@RBRICK ACCOUNT IN THE WEST COAST! yuppppp….. I got most of my 1000%’s there and this time I got mines early!

this time it’s the “MY FIRST BE@RBRICK BABY” series but in the Raiders Black and Silver!


and my wall updated (I need to grab the 3 from my store and 1 from elsewhere)

so then I get on the horn with my boy Rob Kardashian and he tells me that him and his step dad are rollin to Playhouse for a short bit and I say…. naw I’m good…. I’m gonna chill at the trap and relax….

me and my girl hit up Fresh & Easy and get some groceries and head to the crib and she made dinner…. we watched a bunch of TV again and I passed out at like midnight like a 9th grader….


so I check on pops condition and he’s got a blood infection and isn’t doing so well….but he’s not in ICU, but also shouldn’t have too much excitement or people around as I don’t want to irritate him or my moms and so I make sure he knows my energy is there with him….

I head out to continue my furniture shopping around town and narrow it down to a few spots….

I finally found my chandelier and my dining table



So I’m getting rid of my circular glass and iron dining table with 4 chairs. Nice but doesn’t match my place anymore…. Goodwill or slang it? If anyone’s interested and local… I’ll let it go for cheap! I paid over $1,000 bucks for it and just want it gone along with a bunch of other shit that I need to put on ebay…

I can’t wait to install my new shades and new wooden mini blinds…. and then the new black granite counter tops… paint some accents and I’m chillin for a lil bit til I cop a new spot

I get a call from my lil homey Apolo who acts like a big homey at times and I forgot he was in town…. we chop it up and I tell him to come meet us up at the Century City mall to see Piranha 3-D, but he’s too smart and say’s let’s do dinner later instead…..

now rottentomatoes for the most part has been pretty damn good to me and I thought this movie would be dumb, but it got a 81% rating on there and thats high as fuck! so I forced my girl to go watch it with me…..
the movie rolls, it’s going as I expected…. then I hear my boys Far East Movement come up on the big screen! and i’m like awww shit!!! first on Get Him to the Greek and then this??? and then they play a 2nd FM song literally back to back so I’m hyped….. after that I hear another one of my little homey’s tracks, Steve Aoki getting love in the movie and there’s a hot chick in the movie who acts like a girls gone wild bust down….
AND THEN…. WORST MOVIE I’VE SEEN IN MY LIFE…. it’s up in the top 10 worsts for sure.
during the movie we saw 4 different sets of people get up and leave and I haven’t witnessed that before except for myself…. I mean, I walked out of date night and I coulda stayed because as awful as date night was, this shit was 10000x worse…

this was the only highlight of going to see Piranha…. I kept my 3-D glasses because my other pair are not as clean anymore :/


so we head back home and I fall asleep for 45 minutes and forget that I have to pick up Apolo lolololol

I head over to pick him up 1st so Nic can get ready….
he doesn’t want korean bbq or korean food… but wants to try the Vegan spot

this is the 10th time we’ve hit Vegan Glory this month easy!
and again as soon as Apolo hit the food, he acted just like I did…. couldn’t believe that it wasn’t meat!
not even the broth, he thought it had to have some chicken parts… but my girl can’t eat any of that….

we ordered a GANG OF FOOD! and Apolo ate it up like he was one of the Klumps

we chopped it up about Apolo’s book coming out soon and where he’s gonna move to here in LA and all that good shit….

we headed to my spot and Apolo got to see my be@rbrick and 4 foot collection and was stunned on how stupid I am.

and since Apolo eats spinach and works out 21 hours a week, he helped me move my 108lb 4 foot companion off my audio rack stand to the floor

thank AAO!

so I gotta head out and do some work…
we just finished these ill ass Cartier Santos 100’s for a client and I got a LE breitliing PVD super avenger(actually called the Skyland Avenger) that we murdered out in black diamonds and even iced out the clasp….

got some more orders for smaller type pendants and need to get started on a black on black g-shock for my brother Felix the Housecat!

I really am gonna slang some more kicks, xbox’s, gear and other random shit….
stay tuned.

god bless,


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