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I won’t lie to y’all…. I’m having a hard time blogging due to really enjoying my life and making some psychological changes to my hustle. If I don’t try to redirect a little bit of this hustle then I might not be around long enough to enjoy my fatherhood with my son…. I mean that because my mom hustled so damn hard, she gave me everything I needed except a ton of attention and that’s not going to happen with my kids. I love my mom of course, she’s been the #1 person in my life until I got married or engaged… but that will change once my son is born, as he will OUR #1 on our life.

I just watched this video a follower of mine on twitter sent me this morning and I said, damn, fuck…. I was right there with Jonas every single magic and right by his side; we were frick and frack. I had his back 100 and he had mine…. so watching this shit is crazy because there are so many personal memories, fun memories, hard memories and of course hustle memories….

back then I couldn’t be a dad if I wanted to. I was so on the grind, I couldn’t think of spending 10 minutes a day even with a child or anything outside of making money….. how do others do it? don’t know. but my balance is totally different. I don’t have a 9 to 5 job. I don’t have a salary. If I don’t go out there and get it myself, then we don’t eat period. I mean I can accept these cool little checks from the clothing brands and corporate companies periodically, but I can’t support my family and lifestyle off those checks, so I have IF and Co and IF and Co doesn’t stand alone unfortunately. We are a luxury business inside a still very obvious recession…. so I have to hustle. but my hustle is just better and my hard work is paying off, but I will have to force myself to find a balance so that I can be there for every moment with my kids because time flies by so fast it’s crazy. I will not regret or push something back for them. So maybe the aston martin rapide will be a normal S class benz. maybe that bentley truck coming out soon will have to be a range rover (lol, may seem like jokes or not so drastic to y’all, but I have pushed myself so high to have that opulent lifestyle). A lot of people are probably scratching their heads right now reading this like wtf is Ben talking about? shouldn’t he hustle even more now? naw. fuck that. I got enough. I don’t feel like I’ve made it in life or at least not in my career, I feel like the world doesn’t know how hard I hustle or work or how much I was meant to do this shit I do right here…. but if I don’t save some for my son or myself, the hustle will get all of it and I can’t have that. but for the meanwhile. I’ve been putting in overtime and really working myself to death so that when August comes I’ll be able to not take a break, but enter fatherhood properly for at least a little while… and then when I can put that on auto pilot(meaning: Nic handles it lol) I can get back to my regular grind and even travel or whatever I gotta do. If that don’t work, then I gotta go hunt for the food.

NOW, being thirsty is so different. I will not wait on some celeb or rich client of mine to call me or wait and waste my day or push shit back hoping that I get someone famous so that I can talk or tweet or blog about it….. that shit is dead. Celebs and cats with dough call me regardless. My work speaks for itself and I don’t push back my time for nobody. Sleeping in or chilling and not doing shit is the ultimate luxury. for those who say it’s a waste of time can go fuck themselves. that’s my fat cat shit and my favorite past time. I reward myself with some chill time with some wine or snacks in front of my LED 3D tv after a good hustle session…. I only spend my time outside work with the ultimate loved ones in my life. these thirsty motherfuckers on twitter and facebook and instagram will not survive in the world.

so back to blogging. I haven’t been able to get a decent story in about what’s going on a day to day, but if you follow my instagram or twitter you can catch up a little bit. I sort of boomerang my social media and my blog; whichever one is easiest for y’all to catch up to.

Again, I still make mistakes, nobody. NOBODY is perfect. we’re all human, no one on this earth is divine. It’s just that I fuck up much less. but I failed so many times earlier in life and that’s why I might be somewhat successful, I’m still learning. this goes with everything from love to finance to life.

I don’t measure my success by my bank account or cars or house. everything is different. I measure my success by how happy the immediate people I love are around me. the material shit will put a short smile on their face, but it won’t make them happy… but I finally have a grown man humble home. some property, some gold, some assets that aren’t around to buy more luxury shit, but to provide for my family and son…. I haven’t felt this good in a long time, not since maybe when I was a kid playing with all my friends. I think I have pretty much everything I want in life. I just have to work hard to keep this all. I had to give up a lot to get where i’m at. real shit. the struggle was so real.

now I don’t know if any of this even made sense and I won’t even bother checking grammar or whatever… I’m just gonna let that bitch breathe….

so back now to my weekend…. I’ll update this blog with that either tonight or tomorrow. nothing crazy, just work! and my wife’s birthday (we don’t rage anymore) but she does get 3 birthday dinners smh lol

stay tuned, stay blessed.


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