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clever folks will figure out the title….
so I ran into a good old friend of mine Alexis last week randomly @ a bday party and we’ve been friends since 1993, I haven’t seen her in almost 1/2 a year and since a breakup… I had a breakup too; so we sat down the other night to talk, catch up and all that good stuff. we sat down @ a great spot called Real Foods Daily which I live less than a mile away from but never get a chance to go to for some odd reason. they’re a fully organic vegan restaurant with delicious food….. anyways. WE LET IT ALL HANG OUT! fuck it. talked about past relationships, life, our circle of friends, family and just everything. man I didn’t look at my watch for a second or my phone as it literally rang, text beeped and email notified me almost 50x throughout the 3 hour sit down we had(anyone who knows me well, knows this is almost impossible. lol cuz i’m either bbming or tweeting, but I gave her my full undivided attention). We could have went even longer. I’m just happy in life knowing that I have friends out there I don’t need to see often but have come in and out of my life over the past 2 decades that I can catch up with and make me feel great inside. I felt such a powerful electric energy from Alexis…. she’d been through a lot and put up with some bullshit. funny thing is she dated a friend of mine for a long time and I’m not 1 to choose sides in a relationship, I’m almost bias to choose the man’s side cuz it’s the brotherhood/fellowship factor I grew up on… but I wasn’t that close with dude and imo, he’s lost his goddamn mind inside the past year. rumors can twist so much shit up, but I can see through all the bullshit…. and I did.
By the end of the night, It felt like we both lifted huge weights off each others bodies. I actually was able to not only relieve stress by talking to her, but I also got to truly confide in her which brightened my day and overall outlook on life(it’s tough because I don’t trust many people, but felt at ease with her). I got real ass answers from her, real ass opinions from a grown womans point of view which I haven’t been able to really get from a woman because 1. I’ve been soo self obsessed the past few years and because 2. I swear I don’t know many women between the ages of 30 to 38 lol. but anyways. it felt like therapy and I was just excited to see my friend. Since she was 17 she’d always been beautiful and now she still looks stunning, fully blossomed and seasoned. All natural features and dressed to kill everytime you see her. The entire time we sat down, she was glowing and so was her aura, it was visible…. her stance/posture was very poised. I can’t wait to hang with her again to catch up on laughs and more old stories, etc…… of course we both know everyone makes mistakes, nobody on earth is perfect, but we also understand what makes each of us go round and tick… crazy how the karma card plays…. she deserves a great man. but me? I wonder what I deserve. lol. I just appreciate that we see so much shit eye to eye.

p.s. I’m still trippin! WOW! haha, the best is definitely coming! but what do I knowww? lol

God didn’t put us on this earth to solely make money. Life is definitely deeper than that and Life is longer then you think and you can make the best at it with a glass half full perspective. I know I can be negative at times, but I also know I’m blessed to have the life I live.

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