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have you been following me? on twitter that is…. (stalkers fuck off! twalkes too aka stalkers on twitter)
So I think people get it confused when someone uses the term “networking”. that word is powerful and to me at least and I hope to almost everyone that word should not mean GETTING PUSSY! fucking idiots. SLAP YOURSELVES! choke yourselves! I mean we are definitely in a recession right now, so peoples minds are thinking differently, people are cashing in favors they would never have used before; me? I was waiting for these times and I stay prepared with my overly worried character even when shit was great in 2003 to 2007 for me…. anyways, when I network(my circle of precious contacts opens up to your circle of powerful contacts & these circles merge & gain strength or sometimes people lose and have to start over), I don’t just network with anyone, I have to be choosy like pretentious elitist country club managers. My network is powerful and I don’t co-sign anyone unless you are eating with me. I am dead ass serious. I’m about helping others and even putting my hand/arm out so I can lift you up, but if you’re dead weight, I have to analyze shit because I can’t risk my own life just because they would do that for me, some may have nothing to lose, then what? I’m asked each week to help out an artist or musician and also asked each week to wear someone’s clothing brand for a certain amount of $$$$. Even for checks, I can’t make those moves. I really play life like chess with the eagles eye and ben kenobi state of mind, I’m not about jumpin the next man to just get over quick and be like “yehhh I won” that ain’t how it goes down. I turn down bigger money from certain brands because I don’t see those brands fitting “ME” those brands aren’t necessarily a good look for “ME” but it’s a good look for them… sometime’s they just see my popularity and think it’s a win for them… but I evaluate it and if it’s not a great look for both parties, I can’t just take that check. Most importantly, I’ve managed to stay relevant for over a decade… so it can’t just be about the flavor of the month trend, I have to set these trends early and when I fuck with a brand, I have to see they’re in it for the long haul. longevity is so crucial. I was never for the quick buck, unless it was when I was slanging, then it’s strictly get in and get out. fuck longevity in that game… I don’t know 1 single dealer that was big that I grew up around that isn’t in jail or dead now. real talk!

anyways. I have a small circle of friends, but I have 1,000,000,000 acquaintances. I have some definitely good folks on my side and in my corner, but the true family freinds I have I can count on 1 hand(outside immediately blood fam, fyi, crippin, don’t get shit twisted). I also mix business with family, but I don’t mix pussy with business. NEVER. everyone was on myspace like “aww man, there’s so many bitches” I’m like cool. there’s so much money there! fuck the breezy’s. Chris Rock said it best in “I think I love my wife” “you will lose money chasing women, but you’ll never lose women chasing money” don’t get me wrong again… I’m about my business and keeping that in order along with my family/love first…. but life is NOT about only making money, we were not put on this earth to just make money & then die. fuck that. to me, life is about experiences and laughing and loving and at the end of the day sharing all 3. If I have to make my facebook less personal, then I’m going to and I’m prepared for that, but for now, I have my relatives and stuff on there that I don’t need fans lurking on. Thats extra stress I don’t need and have to monitor. My myspace page is strictly for marketing purposes now. I said this before, I may have a blog and belong to every single social network there is, but people don’t know my personal business. I have friends who don’t have any blogs or anything like fb or myspace and everyone knows their biz, knows who they’re sexin, etc. meanwhile, I’m talkin shit all the time on the internet…. BUT REALIZE, I’M WRITING ABOUT WHAT I WANT YOU TO KNOW. who knows, maybe I will write a book one day and let it all hang out. I won’t blow the whistle, but I will surely shake up some heads in hollywood who are famous as hell and got me confused. lol.

networking… that’s what I’ve been doing. feel me? when I say that, I mean I been busy building with cats who got LONGGGGGGGGGG BREAD…. DEEEEEEEP POCKETS. (click pic to enlarge)

smart cats who been on my twitter or know me well and know what I’ve been doin this past week should figure out the pic above. My mans pushin a 2 million dollar whip on the freeway goin 35mph on an open road just to be a dickhead. lollolol. shiiieeeut! I love it. I won’t even post pics of the car or speak on it out of respect.

I ain’t even been interested in taking any girls out lately. My head is elsewhere, focused on cushioning my future…. the women part is sorta easy(falling truly in love isn’t, but getting date from a beautiful girl is)

btw, happy 100 day(korean tradition) to my niece Abbie! had a good time, popped some cristal and I broke my diet BIG TIME for the first time in 4 months, eating red velvet cake, spaghetti & lasagna. if you don’t know, my daily meals consist of chicken, fish & vegetables & water for the past 4 months! we also watched a crazy high quality bootleg version of Wolverine Xmen origins that was a studio copy & unfinished. JESUS H CHRIST! lol. SOOOO UNFINISHED IT WAS SAD, you could see strings hanging from the backs of these guys when they jumped & did stunts, you could see the animation and unfinished cgi shit… marks and just all types of crazy shit. no wonder the FBI is searching for whoever leaked the copy. this is bad bad bad!

god bless, hope you have a great week,
I got a tattoo appt. with my big brother mister cartoon this wed! can’t wait!

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