sorry, I’ve been dizzy

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no joke….
with wedding planning and finding a venue for real….. setting the date and a whole lotta other things got me dizzy like a motherfucker.
I haven’t updated the blog in a few days and 1 of the other main reasons is because my entire living room, dining room and kitchen is sealed off and there’s just mass dust everywhere and with my major OCD disease and on top of ADHD issues… I’ve been going crazy!
but only another day or so to finish and then I can have a maid come by and be bummed out!
BUT to my all my kin and dear friends…. you can come by now and have an official meal or I can have you over and not trip on my ghetto ass kitchen that hasn’t been updated since 1996! but I copped in 2004, it was sorta newly refreshed but not remodeled in feb 2005…..

now shit looks WAAAAAY different


brand new granite counter tops & backsplash. check!
brand new cabinets. check!
brand new floors/tile. check!
brand new sink/faucet. check!
brand new piping! check!
brand new recessed lighting!
all new electricity wiring! check!
4′ of wall knocked down! check!
brand new moldings. check!
brand paint! check!

just waiting on my new stainless steel appliances to be put in after the grout from the tiles is dry! and then some small touch ups and we’re good!
I feel much better this morning already….. these guys have been here over a week (which is lightning fast) but thank god my kitchen is small and had 3 guys working at all times…..

so not much has happened except spending time with my mom, nic’s fam, my fam, friends and planning…. I’m in need of a good massage today and a manicure/pedicure to feel extra pimpin….

I do have some jewels we made
but before we do…. anyone who lives in LA, has prolly seen the guy who walks around as Jesus and even goes to nightclubs…. so weird, I see him all the time around the grove, sunset blvd and off melrose….. people take pics with him and everything…..
well my little homey Rob Kardashian ran into him this week in a club and Jesus himself gave the official stamp of approval to our Diamond and Gold Jesus Pieces!

Jesus and my other homey Bria

anyways…. a NTer’s wife had contacted me about making a wedding band for him, something simple…. the original picture had a brushed steel looking white gold ring with white and black stones, channel set, but she wanted it to be done exactly 1/2 way around, not eternity, or not 39% around the ring like most rings are…. but 50% covered and instead of black diamonds, use yellow diamonds….. so we did and….
this is what she sent me via email as an example

and then….
this is what we did


a nice polish to it, better karat gold and more diamonds and BETTER DIAMONDS

their initials joined together by the “infinity” symbol

and of course made by yours truly…..

another reader ordered one of the affordable chakra bracelets, but he wanted it in all black beads and with 1 white diamond prong set bead (13mm all VS white diamonds, white gold) not pave’ set


I think I like the all black beads with 1 white bead look much better… the contrast is dope!
also we used a bigger diamond bead for this one than the last posted here.

next up…


a fully flooded white and black chakra bead bracelet, but all Pave’ set, not prong set and not heavy on the gold, so this is more affordable compared to the heavy prong set…. still clean too! we restrung it with thicker stronger string

and lastly…. some real gangster shit


we made some ladies Louis Vuitton flower logo earrings….. they’re pretty ill. I may have to put a pair on Nic’s ears…. super clean and with nice stones, exact laser mold of the LV flower

back to work and back to an almost normal life.
much love


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