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so yesterday, still finishing up some things in the crib! so hyped about having my place look more and more decent! Nicolette is my muse and she has a great eye for interior design! haha…. from Kartell to Rapport and a lot of be@rbrick’s… my place is almost done.

so I’m working from home mostly and since I’m more of a diamond concierge, I don’t need to be at the store every single day and neither me or my cousin Steve are there much anymore, it’s pretty much my cousin Jeff who runs the store…..

I had an interview for which is one of the largest K-Pop (korean pop) and korean/asian celebrity sites around…. the interview took place at Kalbi burger and it’s been a long time since I’ve been and this time around, it was even better than the 1st time! I got the Seoul Burger this time AND IT WAS DELICIOUS! it was packed there, so I was happy to see them busy! the food is very consistent there and the portions are manly!

so we got our grub on thanks to Hawk! (appreciate the love OG!)
and then right after, we handled the interview in front of the restaurant… it was hot as fuck outside, but we didn’t trip…. asian styles and very homegrown with a simple HD camera. I actually mentioned things that I haven’t said before which is tough to do when you’ve done 100 + interviews…
thanks Dave & Andrew and

always good to be in K-Town!

they get busy…. that’s how busy gets!

they were gettin it in!

murked this bitch and almost forgot to take a flick of it! who woulda ever thought Kim Chee with a galbi marinated burger patty would taste so good!

so after my interview, I had to shake further south to the slauson and pick up my homey Felix the House Cat’s new watch….. and a few other things….
btw, we always have bezels for rolex datejusts and presidents (mens or ladies) and Breitling Super Avengers in stock!


from pave’ to channel to invisibly set… we got it! and/or we can make it!

we also been keeping up the theme of smaller shit…. for women this time, we made a clean ass prong/pave’ + invisible set cross! the pics do it NO justice at all….
as this shit is cleaner than a drill sergeant’s whistle


just to show you how small it is…. and it’s icee! you gotta see it in person on your girl’s neck!

so I shook from IF and headed back towards the trap to drop off some deliveries and then hit the Diamond supply shop (not literally diamonds, but my boy Nick Tershay’s skate shop Diamond Supply Co.) and he got in the new Cassie x Estevan Oriol x Diamond tee!

so ill!

after I shook from fairfax…. headed a little east to pay for my new dining table at Rapport….
then headed south down fairfax to Undefeated to finally grab my kicks….
thanks James Bond and Eddie! always been love for over a decade now!


now I don’t care if you saw these on hypebeast a few weeks ago…. I got them gifted to me….. (they released while I was in Las Vegas for MAGIC, but I hate packing extra shit in my bags…. so since I know I’m good…. they were chillin on ice at the flagship UNDFTD shop) I get kicks early, but since I mostly rep Supra, I don’t care too much about other shit…. but the thing about timeless kicks is, they’re timeless genius’s! so no matter how early or late you get them, they can be rocked 10+ years from now
always good to see Fred and the crew and walk into Union and still see they run the real streetwear game where their fashion is where Barney’s wants to be….

these VANS are too nasty! I’m gonna have to rock them tonight for the LolliMe Bikini show at La Vida!
btw, I was supposed to have dinner with Homicide last night, but he was actin gay, but then finally ended up coming by the hood… while I was stuck at home and my girl was having a bikini photoshoot here at my crib (don’t worry, no animals were harmed)

aite, gotta get my grind in….
then meet up with Felix the HOUSECAT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!


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