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Just in case for those of you who didn’t know, we made the G-Shock’s crazy. NOBODY has made or sold more diamond G-Shocks then us. We truly perfected the Mold on these watches better than any other jeweler. We set the trend and others have followed, some have tried to replicate it, but I see flaws and others have just failed miserably. So many jewelers steal our pics and then pass them off as their own, claim crazy low prices and use stainless steel and cubic zirconias or diamond stimulants which to me is ridiculous. well anyways, here’s 2 new ones we made:
rose gold gshock on a pink 6900 with VS white diamonds 9.8 carats total email for pricing on this. ALL ITEMS POSTED ARE GENUINE DIAMONDS WITH REAL GOLD. not this 8k mixed with alloy nonsense.
(click on image to enlarge)

here’s a black diamond with black gold rhodium over white gold 25th anniversary with 4 diamond stones on each corner. we’re asking $3,000 for this watch

now we have been making a lot of rosary’s in the past 2 years and making them in many different ways. the Rosary Hanging in the middle pic below is what I’m gonna focus on. We used so much detail and every ball/bead is fully iced out with diamonds with a pave’ setting. We even set solitaire diamonds in each end of the cross as you can see in the upclose detailed pics. sorry my camera is really not the greatest and I know I need to get a serious camera. but most of you who know our reputation know our work is 2nd to none. inquire for price

this NY chain was made just because it’s like a staple piece of jewelry as we make jesus pieces and cross’s. of course we make LA chains too, but we’re internationally known, so this chain is up for sale now. 14k gold with all white diamonds

we made these dog tags for those who don’t like to wear big chains or like the simpler look and maybe like to have a light set up. We made these for a customer who ended up making bigger dogtags and honestly to me, these are the business! they are the actual size of military sized dog tags and fully iced out 14k and all VS2/SI1 diamonds, roughly 10 to 11 carats total and we’re asking $6,000 for the dog tags along with the chain. THESE WON’T LAST at this price!

lastly this ring we took in after making it for Smush Parker the NBA player. originally it had a blue gemstone in the center of the ring, but we replaced it with princess cut diamond and invisibly set the stones. the ring is an eternity ring which means it is encrusted with diamonds all the way around as shown. price is set to move this ring, inquire within.

thanks for checking out the blog. I will post up items we are selling more often because I’ve been receiving so many emails lately about sale items, etc, g-shocks

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