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one of my customers who has actually been a customer of ours since 2007 has been stationed in Iraq and is still currently serving our country for a war who the fuck knows is going to end… I mean, after the killing of Osama Bin Laden, I thought maybe homey could be sent home… mission complete? but no he’s still out there….. with that said, he’s been there in Iraq for 7 years with the US Army and he has us make these pieces of jewelry for his wife which are a combination of an anniversary gift and for toughing it out for so long with him while he’s in the middle east and she’s back here in the states patiently waiting his return… a very honorable thing bro.

I’m glad I could help you out.
he gave me an idea from a image he saw online of a beaded bracelet with 4 blocks that had “W” “W” “J” “D” on each side and it was I think made in steel or silver with some sandalwood type beads…. and he wanted to replicate this onto an all gold beaded braceled (14k) and 4 custom made blocks with the WWJD on each side….
Michael, here you go, hope your wife enjoys


sorry I forgot to bring my regular camera which would have taken advantage of some zoom, but you get the idea and I hope she likes it…. it shines like the sun!

and he also had this made for her….

14k yellow gold, all pave set VS diamonds

much Love Mike! hold your head up….. get home safe!

so now, we finished all those G-Shock’s for Blue & Cream in NYC


we made them the custom laser backings so that people know these are simple, but CUSTOM made watches for their store…. enjoy and remember, nobody has these in all these colorways (I didn’t take pics of all the colorways, but the black and gold set up is very very clean! we used a gold buckle to match the yellow gold and yellow diamonds)

and lastly…..

any day now for the baby jesus pieces… they are a mirror image of the actual jesus mold that everyone wants, just in a 2″ tall size and so fucking classy.
we’re making them in white gold and yellow gold, white diamonds, yellow diamonds and a NO diamond option…..
I’ll post pics once they’re done!

I’m in the 619 for a couple, the weather sucks down here!

have a great day!

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