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it’s crazy, for real though, I’m reading this tabloid blog about my sister’s upcoming show which is the biggest show in her life and to say that is fucking crazy, just flat out crazy.
my sister got a degree from Scripps college in political science and shit just didn’t pan out… she knew she’d always be in fashion and started out at a big fashion mag in the 90’s called DETOUR and later she became the editor. from there, she started styling and was working with Sarah Michelle Gellar to Renee Zellwegger and after a little more hustle and connecting with the right folks, she has Anna Wintour sitting front row at her Holmes and Yang New York fashion show runway debut… but how she got there is no joke… she has style Tom Cruise exclusively since 2000 and keanu reeves for almost a decade as well…. long time clients are: George Clooney and Christian Bale and Brad Pitt and pretty much she is the biggest stylist on the planet. those are just some of the names. I mean her resume is disgusting. from presidents to thee A list supreme. she has had at least 2 academy award winners for the last 7 years that she dressed every single year! and again there is more…. not to mention in this year alone, my sister was on the cover of maybe 10 POWERFUL fashion and hollywood magazines.

so where am I going with this?
I was reading the comments being said about Katie Holmes and I said damn lol… people all over the world have no clue. I mean seriously, zero fucking clue and from some of the writing, you can tell these some of these folks went to school and are scholastically smart or book smart but have just no sense of what’s real when it comes to celebrities or hollywood. (I thought people only argued like jack asses on niketalk or hypebeast, but damn adults do this shit too? smh) there are so many rumors and they always say rumors are rumors because they are true or somewhat true. I used to believe that kinda, but that shit is the dumbest thing ever. I see it in how the media twists shit. for the most part even TMZ, they do a decent job of getting things out there, but even they’re off sometimes. back to Anna Wintour (HBIC of Vogue aka the BOSS OF BOSS when it comes to high fashion) def did ban Kim K from the MET show earlier this year, TMZ tried to make it sound good, but naw, that shit happened no matter what bullshit story came up. what they won’t do is fuck up on a celeb death and since harvey is a lawyer, they def gotta keep their shit straight. nobody believes sites like mediatakeout or even certain blogs that copy and paste because they’re not worried about being sued, they’ll just take down content. etc etc… Fox news will lie their asses off to you, i.e. 9/11. (the election Al Gore won etc etc)smh

Look how powerful social media is when used correctly(maybe?)… my boy Frank Ocean recently made a statement on his tumblr and made the whole young generation he speaks to freak the fuck out… the thing is, what these celebs do on their own time is none of our business… some of them feel obligated which is crazy!!! shit Luther Vandross and Kevin Spacey are 2 gay celebs I can think of who never publicly came out the closet and didn’t need to. If I like someone’s music, then that doesn’t mean I’m gonna like them in person. fuck who they are when they’re not making music. role model or not. I don’t give a fuck if Kobe fucks 10 women a day behind Vanessa’s back. that shit is none of my or your business. shit is dumb. he’s a scumbag? ok cool. I wanna know how he does on the court. some of my friends make music, that doesn’t mean I like it…. but I might support it. the thing is there is SO much of my life that nobody outside my direct family or ultra close friends know about. even some of the specific schooling or things from my childhood. I talk a lot of shit and tell a lot of stories, the only thing is, I have at least a million stories I haven’t told. I pick and choose because the shit is too long already. what scares me is who really gives a shit about my life? anything bad I say that has happened to me, most people automatically believe its true. but anything really good or amazing, it’s doubted. lol. like that one idiot who said he knew me on hypebeast. the thing is, I’m not a celebrity. I started off message forums mostly on sneakers and street wear and shit… so when I read things like, Ben is broke or Ben doesn’t own this where do they get their info from? if I leased a $2500 a month car and rented a $4000 a month crib for the past 5-6 years, that would mean I have to be making at least some kind of money right? shit don’t make sense… but I guess, if I didn’t eat out EVER and just did the minimal, I could front like this and only make $200,000 a year. the problem is my bills are more than that a year easy. ok who cares

so going back to my sisters line/brand, people speculate that Tom financed the whole line? like Katie didn’t make her own money? my sister hasn’t been successful on her own? shit is really stupid and if you look at Katie before she married Tom, then look at her now, look at the transformation in style. my sister killed it and has always had great fashion sense… she got it early from my mom who was a dress contractor for 20 + years and put the sewing machine in the hands of people who made ed hardy and true religion etc etc…. bottom line is tomorrow my sister is going to kill it! she had to turn down 400 requests a day for the last 2 or 3 weeks for people wanting to come, not scrubs, but big fashion bloggers, magazines and A list celebs… she hand picked maybe 75 people she wanted to privately show the line to. they need help from the new york police dept she said because shit is getting too hectic! I’m so proud of her because she was the middle child and now she’s the boss haha. I wish her and Katie the best of luck! btw, my sister doesn’t even have a twitter or facebook or anything social media. she doesn’t care to.

so now we get back to social media. shit…. it took to trending in LA and San Diego over a silly pic I took of a fireworks mishap and getting into a fight with kendrick perkins and trending on to get my follower count up…. not even Bieber could get me, well wait a minute… he did get me at least 40,000 followers lol… but I never ask for shit and I got my follower count up high from random press… but I can’t get that from just anyone. if 90% of my celeb clients told their followers to follow me, it wouldn’t work. so I’m trying to study that shit now. I want to know what core market I have right now following me because I know my direct demographic, but that only applies to maybe 40-50% of my current 199,000 followers… a bunch want to see me stunt and post pics of materialistic shit. a good amount want to only hear about my dealings with celebs and mostly justin bieber and then the rest are just trolls. weird…. but what I realize now is that corporations are hitting me up to tweet for them. from Levis and Pepsi to many more and I’m gonna do that, for sure. I just trip out on how powerful this shit is and I won’t ever tell my follower that 2 + 2 = 6 but I will let them know where I stand… and this past weekend I made it obvious that I stand behind Obama. and cats went apeshit on my feed…. the thing is I can’t understand how broke white trash could be republican, shit is scary. bottom line, I don’t give a fuck if Romney is giving tax cuts to the rich or helping the rich get richer; I’ll always have a hustle or way to make some money, I’ll work it out. what I want is a fair playing field for everyone. fuck that, I can handle the taxes, it sucks, but I want to see the middle class back strong again. I grew up middle class like a motherfucker and I’ll never consider myself rich. as long as I’m eating Nong Shim spicy ramen and spam and eggs, my ass ain’t rich. I could have copped a 2 million dollar house and had a cool S class or maybe an E class, but that would be no fun, also that 2 million dollar crib in 2005 would be worth 1.2 now, so I’m glad that I went the hood rich route and got ALL the dream cars I wanted and lived in a chill condo…. now I’m just saving to make sure London is good and my wife is good…. otherwise, I don’t really care about my car right now. I want to get an SUV very soon… but I’m not tripping on my bentley anymore. in fact, I might sell that bitch and get a 2013 Audi S8 and call it a day. but then again, I got my eyes on that RR ghost still lol…. just saying that I like being liquid. always. no money tied up in anything else but gold and diamonds. no facebook or apple stocks. fuck that. if I’m gonna gamble, I wanna see the cards in my hands or watch my team lose by some points, not some fuck head in a collared shirt and brooks brothers suit make some money because his ZBT frat brothers got him a job or his ivy league schooling helped him. I got friends who graduated from harvard and can’t get a $60,000 a year job. wtf? son you got dumb crazy student loans to pay off!!!! I want school to help again, but the problem is, we have too many problems and 1 of them is not enough jobs. so with that fire on my ass and another mouth to feed, I don’t take $200 for granted anymore. I spend a lot of money on daily necessities and can’t see how anyone could raise a child making less than $100k a year. shit is tough on me and I see my friends do it and they get help and complain but make it work… fuck that. my parents raised me pretty good and didn’t make 1/2 the money I do. shit they copped their first crib for like $50,000!!!! anyways. I’m up late because my sleep schedule is screwed up so I’m tripping off a bunch of shit…. bottom line is, I don’t lie to my readers or fans. I definitely exaggerate to make things sound exciting, but my life sometimes is just that crazy. when I say I saw a man jump off a 100 story building and land on a lamborghini aventador. at worst what happened was a guy jumped off a 65 story building and landed on a lamborghini murcialago. feel me? I do want to write a book about my life, especially when I was coming up in the game and hanging out with Dr. Dre and 2pac and just a bunch of random shit…. but I want to address that I will not feed lies to my social media followers. the reason for twitter sometimes is so that you can cut out the media or papparazzi and address the shit without a middle man. fuck a publicist. cut the bullshit out in 140 letter or less…. or do it in a few tweets…. does any of this make any sense? probably not. I’m not sorry lol.

smh, I had to jump on that rant because it was driving me crazy. people assume too much off media and social media and one way to nip that shit in the butt is to get on YOUR social media and cut that shit out or get shit straight

ok, enough rambling, sorry
now to my weekend.

Friday I got with my boy Q for a quick CEO to CEO meeting over at the peninsula hotel… got it in at the rooftop pool lounge for a quick lunch and caught up on things…

both of us are trying, key word “trying” to eat healthier…. sometimes, I don’t like it when it’s just too damn fresh lol

then he headed to LAX to get back on a plane back home and I did the same damn thing…


thanks for the gifts Q! what’s more impressing is a dude so busy actually hand picked these items out himself. regardless, me and Nic appreciate it fam

I made a quick B line to the block and dropped off some jewels to a client (diamond supply co. fairfax is like my 2nd office. its a perfect place to meet someone since I live in the east hollywood hills area)

seen these usual SUSpects

all bullshit aside, the 2 nicest guys out of OF that I know. real shit. much love to the young homies

stopped over at supreme to say hi to Javi and Jeff….

they hit me with the Hammer

and on my way home, I wanted to cop this:


but they sold out of my size…. fresh Jeremy Scott though when I got home, I got a gift from the good folks over at Levis….


thank you for the gift, I had no idea how they got my address, but that’s dope AF. I actually will rock that shirt and the skinny navy jeans…. all they wanted me to tell you guys is to #GoForth and there it is…. my boy Jonas used to always tell me, don’t ever front on Levi’s, they invented denim. they originated the selvedge and all that.

so when I got to our bedroom, I see my son is chillin our bed because he’s already spoiled and doesn’t want to sleep in his bassinet smh


my son is a nightowl, he’s always up around 12am to 5am! bath salts anyone? shit still doesn’t make no sense to me!

on saturday, I don’t think we did a damn thing… our sleep schedules are so messed up and my mother in law watched the baby so we could rest, well Nic has to still be up every 2 hours to feed, but I got 10 hours of sleep!!!!!!!! dang lol

OH! we did check out this place called “the Village” bakery down the way and it was pretty damn good! their breakfast was very official! after that, it was a wrap, chilled and watched tv and ordered chinese food… from a super bomb OG spot!

on sunday, we thought we should get out of the house and take London with us, so we headed down to Old Town pasadena and ate at this place called “Mi Piace” and damn, real shit, that place is very official. their food was actually as good as la scala or mauros cafe…. I was shocked lol. but fuck, I used to get my car serviced at rusnak bentley when the beverly hills bentley folks were acting too brand new with an asian young thug.


london was sound asleep and in his own bubble!


seriously, it wasn’t al dente’ but shit was al delicious! we walked down colorado and checked out some stores… copped some small nick nacks and then we walked over to our favorite coffee shop


people say their coffee is too expensive, I say; no shit dummies! it’s the Rolls Royce of Coffee! haha

instead of taking the freeway, we took the long scenic route home… I love this bridge, but I didn’t know it was called “suicide bridge”…. I wanted to check out the rose bowl flea market, but the baby shouldn’t be out in a very crowded area like a mall or supermarket, so he was kept covered chillin in the 100 degree heat!

now yesterday, was my 2nd real day back at work and we have a lot of orders…. coming from Oklahoma City! wtf??? I know right? crazy….

while I was gone at work, I get this text….

haha, the shit parents say

we also finally got London’s high chair in and it was a gift from his uncle Apolo….


it works perfectly! but it is very expensive, but it also goes with his futuristic looking digital bouncer…. he’s gonna be a spoiled kid! so what. that’s why I worked so hard.

alright, gotta get back on my grind now. I have to organize my office and get ready for Chicago this weekend. don’t forget, some sizes are sold out already, so make sure you check out the JUGRNAUT JESUS PIECE PRE-SALE links to get your jesus piece tee and animal print BB hoody! I can’t wait to get some Harold’s when I get off the plane!

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