so close… but we lost. RIP

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lost my pops tonight
it’s been very rough, as some of you know, my close friends know…

it’s been a fucked up 11 weeks and the last 48 hours was real bad.

around 11:20pm he took his last breath

I don’t what to say other than, nobody I know other than my mom and some immediate family ever wanted more for me or loved me unconditionally…. no matter how much I fucked up, he never judged me.

even though I knew it was coming, it’s still surreal to say goodbye and I’m so glad I opted out on traveling to a few different cities this weekend… I’m glad I was there. I can’t even express

all bets off, everything I have for the next month is pretty much canceled.

I won’t personally be at my store, but Icee Fresh will be in business.

I don’t need anything, if I did, I’d be the 1st one to ask for it.

Rest In Peace Leo, Apa

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, you lived a long full life.
good bye

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