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so thursday night, I copped a bbq grill… basic 4 burner with a side burner joint and it was cheap as fuck. and end of summer sale. I was really debating between a gas or charcoal grill and then my boys who know me, like really know me, said you ain’t gonna clean that charcoal grill, so don’t waste your time or money. if anything later, when you get another crib, cop both….

so this shit worked out perfect, had a bbq at the house and our friends brought over tender rib eye bone in and some other steaks… I brought the bratwurst and my mother in law made bomb ass burgers…

friday, during the day….

that’s the type of grillin we used to do…. I had K BBQ at my favorite spot and thought about the times me and Jonas would act up… I posted the alternate pic of this pic above, but instagram deleted it because the grill was dead on fire with shrimps on the side…

got ready for the sneakerpimps event that night and….

wrist was chunky with the truck vintage bracelets I had on….
I don’t have any decent pics of what I was rocking Friday night, but I had on 8 chains and we were doing the mostest….

fuckery part I….

so jumped into the Bentley and then….


bigger fuckery… part II.

anyways, got my front bumper and grill and trunk piece redone in black brushed steel

and I also got my tints taken care of by the homey Junior at Fresh Tinting in Reseda, CA

I will definitely take some pics of my car done and completed once my rims are ready…. they just have to be powder coated… shout out to Vossen and Platinum of course

got bored before the show and posted this pic

can you believe some fucking lighters got over 10,000 likes?
still mad someone stole not 1, but 2 of my OG supreme lighters….

so it was on to the sneakerpimps event….

I hosted on stage and the place was packed!

surprise guest performance by Sir Michael Rocks who has the hottest and #1 mixtape in the country right now “Lap of Lux” go download that! shouts out to my man YP rocking the crowd and chicago was definitely in the building!


shout out to my co host Dave Jeff (chicago) and the kid who won an Xbox and some real limited edition Nikes….

there were a lot of other performers, no disrespect to them, but I wasn’t able to get pics of everything…. clyde carson, honey cocaine, hopsin and others….

but the crowd was going crazy for the headline event which was Iggy Azalea who I have never heard of before, but she’s signed to Grand Hustle and did her thing….

the show was cool, I think to date, that event was the highest amount of autographs and pics I ever took just for being me. weird. but fuck it… can’t wait to have my little show come out online!

shout out to Peter of Sneakerpimps and Mini Cooper, xbox, crooks n castles and all the sponsors… it’s a blessing to be able to still host event and get paid to do so and be around sneakerheads. much love

after that, my brother in law and catdicc jr and myself shot over to Fred 62 and got our grub on….

saturday, I just kicked it with the AC on blast and later in the day I invited over some friends and we had another BBQ at the tilt

while I was sipping on that potion… my boy Rex in the 206, sent me this picture of this punk ass restaurant that completely bit my steez

I had this logo since 2006 and this restaurant hasn’t been around very long… crazy

saturday’s bbq was just burgers and links and like 9 heads

ajusshi swag. shout out to premium label for the comme des garcons homage tee

and then, I did some shit I thought I’d never do…. me and my wife watched 3 seasons of sons of anarchy in like 2 days! damn! just waiting for season 4 to get here and then season 5 is on it’s way live… that show is way better than I thought it would ever be and I’ve been a fan of Charlie Hunnam since Green Street Hooligans…. show is bomb as fuck and I hope they go on for many more seasons…. I had to tune out of true blood… shit got eh….. tried to watch Breaking Bad 2 times now and I’m thinking of giving it another shot…. this is shit old folks do huh? well, our baby boy is expected this weekend or by next week at latest, but could come any day now so I can’t really leave for too long.

I did get a little bit of light work done though

turned a 1oz. krugerrand coin into a charm for a homey

other than that, I’m thinking of blowing out some micro jesus pieces for the low just because or to celebrate my sons birth!

I’ll let you know….

also my coveteur feature will be coming soon and I’m going for these socialites jugulars!

everyone take it easy
LA cats, stay cool….
speaking of LA

p.s. check out Complex mag’s top 50 best dressed LA men

aite, I’m out

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