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what up y’all, sorry man It’s been slow motion this past week because I’m trying to get my act together for my big party… so it’s been Gym, work and rest and not unnecessarily goin out. I was in San Francisco for a day and it wasn’t much to post pics about, just pissy cold weather and the Nikko hotel….. soooooooo

A lotta people are salty about the Jay-Z video I posted with Jeezy, thats why this is MY blog, not yours…. I don’t agree with anything or everything these rappers do. I just thought it was funny. As for Dennis Miller? fuck that guy, Bill O’Reilly? fuck him too. As for Jay-Z? he didn’t really go in, Jigga usually keeps it on a clever lyrical tip…. Jeezy, he went full retard, but I don’t blame him. Me personally, I have nothing against the republican party. I voted for Obama because I felt he was the best candidate fit for the office. I never said or thought he was gonna fix our country. BUT IN MY OPINION, BUSH FUCKED UP OUR COUNTRY. BUSH RAN A MUCK OF AMERICA! Stop with the he kept us safe and all the shit. at what expense? really? look at our economy right now. There’s not really anyone I believe who can just come in and clean this mess up in 4 years. But I believe Obama will try and make CHANGE. I like how dude speaks and how amazingly versed he is. We’ll just have to see. I can’t respect our nation and our president when he’s rigging elections, fucking off our money and is a billionaire himself. All my republican friends who voted, did NOT vote for McCain because they felt everyone in the replication party office should be fired. So don’t get mad at me…. I stay neutral at most times when it comes to religion and politics. It’s not about loyalty with me. because loyalty sometimes is full of shit. If my dad said 2 + 2 =7 then I’m telling him he’s wrong, sorry you’re my dad, but thats bullshit. I’m not a switch hitter or a full democrat, but I lean more towards their views…. when it comes to religion, I can’t say I’m a christian although I was raise that way as a child, I believe in almost all the religions UNDER GOD! part of my family is jewish, part is buddhist, part christian and many of my friends are catholic and muslim. it’s all good. I don’t hate anyone because of their color of their skin or race, culture, religion or political party. If I don’t like you, I don’t like you. If I say I hate you u dumb white republican idiot, I’m not being racist, I’m just being specific(white person who is republican) and telling it like I see it and maybe to some using a poor choice of words, but I just can’t say stupid idiot. lol. at the end of the day, I just hate George Bush. that’s it. no conspiracy theories, etc. the list is too long on why he’s a dumb fuck in my eyes.

so now back to the blog. I shot an interview and photoshoot with INKED magazine on friday and the shoot went well, of course we did it at Platinum Motorsport and much love to Sam and George over there for the hospitality always!
I been training heavy these past few weeks with my homey Adam aka the GOAT and my lil homey/neighbor Rob Kardashian….. they been gettin me right in the gym! thank you guys for real.
yesterday after we got our lift in, I laced the guys with some gear from L-R-G and then we got some dinner @ cheesecake factory. honestly, it wasn’t bad! lol. and it was a very low carb dinner! then I headed out and realized DO NOT FORCE TRYING TO GO OUT! I won’t go into specifics, but mannnnn. hit the ambien and went to the moon. deleted 5 people from my BBM because I felt as if they just love to keep up with shit but not put any input in our relationships, so time to keep it movin….

btw, Reggie it was good seeing you bro, GOD DAMN YOU SWOLE UP LIKE THE INCREDIBLE HULK! what the hell are they feeding you in New Orleans? COT DANG! and p.s. Kim your place is beautiful now, you remixed that shit crazy! I’m jacking the idea for the wallpaper for my place.

can’t wait, cuz after that, it’s focus til I start filming and shooting again!
I think I’m flying to Tampa for the superbowl….. we’ll see.

OHHHH YEH, almost forgot! YO WALE! HOW YOU LIKE THAT ICEE ASS GRILL? and how you like that IF and CO customer service?

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