SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE? or . . .Voyage to Atlantis?

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how ill is that cover quote? never noticed that before.

anyways..(my blog title is way too deep for some of you cats. lol)
Friday was a wrap for filming in L.A.(for “ICEE FRESH) and to celebrate, my homey/producer Cameron invited me and Bo to goto the grand opening of Lucky Strike @ LA Live. man I’m sooo pumped to see downtown LA finally turn into a real metropolitan area.(go watch a show @ the nokia theatre, go bowling, eat at one of the nice restaurants or of course, go watch my Lake show tap that ass or if you’re really ballin, cop a 650 sq ft single at the Ritz, they only start @ 1.2 million! lol) So my boy’s Josh Richmond and Hartwell(the Alliance) made sure it was star studded…. Paris, Amanda Bynes, Avril, Christina Millian(she bowled a 188, she had to have cheated!), Leonardo and even Edison Chen showed up(crazy more celebs and og’s were in attendance). Well I guess I should mention that my producer is sorta on the tv series “the hills” lol. hahhahaaa….. so they were shooting a part of the season finale there and man. CAN I SAY DRAMA? jk, not really, damn Cam… I know, lol, I’ll stop. But I played on Cam’s bowling team, so I might a 2 second cameo or more on “the Hill’s”. shout outs to Taylor and Frankie.
so then me and Bo headed up to Les Deux doin about 140mph in the M and got there dumb fast…. Les Deux was jam packed with snotty nosed rich kids(21 year olds and younger) and I couldn’t take another 20 more minutes…. said happy bday to Crystal Audigier and skated…. the only thing that kept me alive were the crazy texts from Jonas lol. Shout out to Luke, Matt Mand TMills

so I just got settled into my hotel room here in Van City…. it’s colder than eskimo coochie up here. I couldn’t get a certain yin yang twins song outta my head while flying….. anyways. most importantly….. we’re filming and we got our cameras… BUT I FORGOT MY CAMERA! :angry face! thanks Bo. I’m gonna kill you. (when anythings wrong, I blame him)
see y’all back on Monday with a weekend recap maybe. lol. I can’t speak on much. Benji! fux wit your boy! I might still roll thru DCMA outlaws style to Vegas. holla

oh! and lastly, best thing I read yesterday….
“can once in a lifetime happen twice?”
WOW. god bless everyone

p.s. first blog ever that has been completely posted from my blackberry bold.

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