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smh…. I couldn’t even blog wed or thursday or even yesterday! smh…. so I’m doing it now and I’m feeling like a tub of shit… I ate so much it’s sickening and I’m actually disgusted at myself…. never have I gained 8lbs from 2 days of gluttony from a trip to vegas…. last time I did this was 12 years ago in the big easy aka New Orleans and I was there like 6 days!

anyways…. had some biz to attend to, had to meet a guy out there regarding some WSOP shit…. so I had 1 nice outfit/suit and packed VERY LIGHT, the rest was super duper typical BB casual steez…..
the meeting went well and so now, I’ll wait to hear what’s good probably around the new year….
there was a gambling convention there, so I wanted to see if some of these degenerates and pro’s wanted to get some shit from IF and Co…. and it was easier to meet these WSOP cats in Vegas then for them come to LA when I highly doubt they would…. and I decided to stay an extra night….. why not huh? I’m not too fond of Vegas like I was during the 90’s and early 2000’s….. but the Vdara makes shit much easier on me. A 5 Star resort, ridiculous spa, No Casino, quiet and room service is always official.

after the power meeting at Mastros Ocean Club…. I took a cab over to Serendipity like a fat ass and grabbed a quick Frozen Hot Chocolate! and then took a cab back to the city center and checked into my 56th floor suite

you can’t be mad with a view like this from the bathtub!

where I got none of my work done

here hides some expensive ass beautiful robes which I will steal next time


we had the ill super ill view from every part of the room…. shit kept me occupied and made me lose my train of thought at times….

yes I used the kitchen this time…. no joke

yes, next time… I’m washing my drawls in this bitch!


the 2nd bathroom…..
1600 sq foot suite, 3 flat screens… = not mad

the view from the 2nd bathroom by the entrance of the suite of the new Cosmopolitan Casino/Hotel at the City Center….

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO TUNED INTO MY USTREAM CHAT FROM THE ROOM….. much love to LMFAO and the homey’s who jumped on to check in on their boy…..

so later, me and Nic decided to hit the Wynn for dinner… nothing fancy, just one of our faves, my classic shit…. chinese food at RED8 and man, their Salt & Pepper Chilean Sea Bass is NO JOKE! trust me! crazy! I think the price of the spot is reasonable…. but a light dinner is still over $100 with no liquor…. the vegetables are crazy… apps crazy, everything was delicious….

after that walked around the shops in the Wynn…. checked out some nice rings in Graff and seen that they even lowered the quality and craziness of their display cases which is impressive because I guess the economy has hit vegas too… nothing in the million dollar range for a single item really….. where as a few years ago they had shit in the 8 million range easy chillin…. instead of 23 carat and 32 carat IF/D color diamond engagement rings, they had more like 7 to 9 carat ones….

anyways, while I was checking out the Wynn’s rolex collection (btw, the illest rolex store on earth, no joke…. they have the best selection of Rolex’s hands down. shitting on everyone!) Nic was busy over at LV, Dior, etc etc lol….
I got my eye on a rose gold daytona…. shit wasn’t priced too bad either. but damn. that’s my prius right there smh….

left the Wynn and headed to the Forum Shops….
walked into Marc Jacobs and copped some ill $9 henley’s! yes Marc Jacobs mens henley’s for $9 each! mad colors
then I started to really check out jewelry and shit and I couldn’t believe the prices of these spots…. some spot I walked into asked me if I wanted them to make me a real diamond stud chain? wtf? once the manager walked up to me, he saw it was close to 100 carats of .75pt studs set in 18k white gold… and all SI1 G color and he shut the fuck up real quick…. I mean even the shitty jewelry boutique stores with better than decent downtown LA quality custom jewelry had 3x the prices we did…. some had 6x. I’m not speaking on a big name spot like Van Cleef or HW… but some bullshit! now I had to walk into David Yurman and see what was good and just really check out their prices…. and THEY WANTED $9000 FOR A SILVER CHAIN AND SILVER DOG TAG IN BLACK DIAMONDS WITH A LITTLE BIT OF WHITE DIAMONDS…… + TAX!!!!!!! what in tony parker’s text messages are they thinking? not 2 tags, just 1 and IN SILVER!!!!! #SLAP! #SLAP! they are fucking trippin!

there was another shop where I seen some up and not coming rappers who had on southern jewels and terrible J17 clarity stones in a horrible hollow designed piece and 4 different colored stud chains on walk in as well…. I didn’t want them to recognize me and ask me a stupid question, but I’m thinking to myself, how the fuck do they feel when they spent a total of $5,000 for everything they got on their neck and wrists (that’s showing love) when a franco chain in this store was $5,500? and the store manager was shaking his head like worse than a father would after seeing his daughter nude on the internet type shame….. anyways (harsh? naw, don’t buy bullshit jewelry, use that to cop anything else)

I was disgusted so much I didn’t even peep out too much more….
we took a cab back to the hotel and then……. TEEEESHIRTTTT TIMEEEEE!!!!
naw but really was waiting on my homey Josh D to tell me what’s good, he said there was a nice party goin on at the sky villas in the palms, but didn’t interest me…. everyone seemed to be going to Surrender, but it was cold as fuck outside…. so that didn’t interest me…. it was getting close to midnight so I was thinking…. shit the night is just starting over here… my old ass can’t hang…. let’s go get some desert! haha smh
so we walked over to the Bellagio via the tunnel connected to Vdara and over to my old school classic…. the Bellagio Cafe *sigh* this spot will always remind me of me and Adam’s(AM) trips to vegas and after both of us djing a gig or him teaching me how to play hold em back in the day…. we’d walk over to grab pancakes and grub from the cafe because he loved playing at the Bellagio poker room…. RIP DJ AM

anyways, we got some pinot noir and a banana split right quick


you gotta do the corny photo op in the Bellagio seasons change room!

walked back and said goodnight with a on demand movie Scott vs. everyone who sucks their peepee in the world which got turned off too fast!

shades and blackout button pushed in all rooms!


woke up at 8am… nic woke up at 7am… yeah I know WHY??? no work, nada! fuck man…. I did have a shit load of emails to read and other work to approve and a ton of shit back home in progress being made…. but my allergies and the dry air was kicking my ass so room service a gang of OJ and back to sleep for 45 minutes….
and then

who can get mad at this? NO ONE

Nic took off for a little bit and had some friends of hers in town, so I got my monkey ass up late out of bed and headed over to the Aria…. ain’t shit going on there at all, was supposed to have Lunch with the homey Josh, but he got trashed at a dive bar and then at a gas station??? haha, damn, when I talked to him, he sounded like he needed mad pedialyte, some alka seltzer and a bloody mary early!….. so I was gonna eat at the Aria cafe but I wanted to hit Serendipity again smh…. so as I walk by the registration desk, I see a line of 400 people maybe (no joke) checking in or out… fuck that. reason why I don’t like casino hotels…. even the VIP check in had 30+ heads

walked my ass straight into Crystals and I window shopped the fuck outta that place! smh…. I hate it when people window shop at my store and hate it even more when they window shop email us for prices to never cop anything…. but damn! I wanted to cop a certain design cashmere Hermes throw for the 2nd bedroom cuz my sister got one that I like, but they didn’t have the design I wanted…. meanwhile the saleslady was very nice because she recognized me and knows my sister…. so no copping anything lol…. next went into LV and they had not a damn thing to cop… no new exclusives…. no new graphite collection except an ipad case. and the salesgirl recognized me from a videoshoot I was doing a cameo in with The GAME of all people smh…. exited there and walked into Lanvin and saw some kicks I loved…. simple classic and basic lowtops that were around $1200 lol…. lowkey I bet I go cop them before thanksgiving smh… hopefully the rodeo drive store opens before xmas as stated by them…. right now everyone in fashion is on Lanvin’s dick hard! they did have a lot of fly shit in such a small boutique…..
as I was walking out, I saw a new watch in the display at Cartier and had to stop…..
they made my favorite watch even larger! they just released a Cartier Ballon Bleu in a chrono which makes it around 44mm so it’s brolic and ILL! but not available in stainless yet, only white, rose and yellow gold…. I want it as an everyday rocker….

the bag was $130,000 + tax…. made of actual crocodile skin and it had this 3.5″ pendant charm attached to the bag, so I had to ask to see it…. “is it real?” even on a hermes birkin they don’t use real gold parts…. anyways…. it was definitely real and the charm was 14 carats total of VS1 D color diamonds and the shit was pimp…. especially since it’s official Cartier

left and walked back into the Aria to head back to my room…..

it’s about a 2 minute walk for real

got back to the room and met up with Nic and her friend Alicia
we headed over to Serendipity(again! #pig) to get a late lunch….
now I was for real hungrier than a hostage…. so I was grumpy as fuck. got there and ordered asap!


now obviously it doesn’t have the nostalgia of the upper east side legendary restaurant that Andy Warhol used to frequent…. but there wasn’t a line and the food was just as good and the menu was mirrored to the NYC location…..


their veggie burger is seriously the best I’ve ever had…. and I’ve ate a ton of them with so many of my friends turning vegetarian in the last few years…. the sweet potato fries were money too, speaking of money… it’s not expensive… sorta like grand lux cafe pricing… so with desert it can get to be around $100 easy for 3 peeps… and they have a FULL FULL BAR! they even had Dom P

alicia and nic enjoying the food…

but fuck the dumbshit….

the undisputed heavyweight champ of deserts came and we went IN!


me and nic tapped out after 12 bites each or so…. but Alicia? god damn this little girl can eat! she got her grub on…. not that I didn’t, but she was official with it… especially for a model, she didn’t give a fuck. good for her! haha

so we shook from there…. shit was gettin chilly outside and I was full as hell, super food coma!
the girls feet hurt from wearing high heels all day and started to complain, but my back was killin me from all the walking!

my old ass…. was ready to take a nap!

the girls wanted to check out the view from the room though


I could never get tired of that view….. but it’s crazy to see how much traffic there is on the 15 from that view…. meanwhile, I’m thinkin since the Vdara’s have turned units into condos…. how much would it cost to grab this unit furnished since it’s not the craziest joint in there? hmmmm

fuck that, I took a nap while Nic got ready for Ka’ (cirque du soleil)
her other girlfriends all wanted to go out later, but you know me, being a old man, I said I wasn’t interested in being in a club (who am I again?)….. but I was looking forward to Ka’…. seen all the Cirque Du Soleil shows in vegas except Le Reve’ and the gay ass cris angel show(that don’t even count) and I think I’ve mentioned here that I’ve seen “O” 8 times! I love that shit!
Nic’s seen Ka’ a couple times so she knew where to sit, and sitting too close isn’t the business on this show, but all the seats in the 1st 20 rows are the same price in the center aisle…. so we got great seats…

no cameras allowed inside…. but mad camera’s outside taking pics for $45 a pop…. I remember when I was a kid and seen a few albums of my parents from shows at the Las Vegas Hilton etc…. and thought damn, it’d be cool if later my kids seen this, only thing is we’re not married


but fuck it… why not, good memories…
so anyways, the show was really good…. a couple scenes were fucking amazing, but I felt like it dragged on at times early on and there was a waste of a huge stage, but again, the wall scenes and the crazy acrobatics goin on towards the end of the show were dope…. this time, no hookup, so they didn’t stop the show to give Nic a rose like they did in “O” for her bday…. sorry just a regular night for regular folks and this time we weren’t in fancy type apparel.

so left there, to get some food at the Aria at Michael Mina’s American Fish…. food was good, pretty expensive, but not as good or as expensive as his spot in the Bellagio…. nothing special to write about. I coulda ate at the Bellagio cafe or had room service at our hotel and been happy…

was gonna head over to Haze with Josh D for some vegas club awards night, but again, he was still ash trayed, hungover, so maybe next time Mr. Donaldson…..
me and Nic walked over to the Bellagio and got a drink over at Caramel (I prefer Blush inside the wynn, but too far for just a laid back drink) chilled for a few and listened to some decent electro mixes and sipped some semi expensive cognac and patron platinums…


so many people tell me and nic…. “hey, you know you look like Kim Kardashian?” yeh I get that all the time is what she says lol…. even Kim’s BFF Brittny Gastineau tells me, damn she looks like Kim… 8 months ago when Nic met Kim, Kim didn’t say shit lol….

walked back towards our hotel and we took another pic in that seasons change area in the Bellagio

at this moment while looking at the review button…. I realized damn! I gained a good 10lbs since we 1st started dating! smh….

why not…. she’s not on my blog that often

so I get bored at the telly…. nothing I wanted to watch on TV….. and it’s been a long time, so I hit Aria to play 21 and shoot craps…. gambled for 4 hours to lose $4,000 and then win $4125? smh what a waste of time!
ran into some cats who were like, damn you Ben the Baller, I said, naw I’m Yen Bang (for real)

was like 4am and the city was just getting started…. but I was so damn surprise to see how dead it was overall… I guess this season sucks for Vegas tourism?

goodnight to all the scumbags and whores lurking around the strip!

btw, did I mention how shocked I was to see so many business folks up at 8am ready to go every morning I looked outside the window? NO? who gives a shit anyways I guess huh? used to be this town was for fun, trouble and more trouble… but it has way more business types here which is …. I don’t have the perfect word.

anyways, woke up, excited to go home for real… I got a lotta orders to finish; completing a small project with my sister Anita and need to start x-mas shopping for 5 people

thank god for upgrades! got to McCarron airport and didn’t have to deal with the security lines, went thru the 1st class security check in and thought, damn I hate LA friday traffic though… fuck!
and just as I was thinking that, Homicide sent me this BBM “n***a you jinxed me” lol

craig aka Homicide stays mashing in the carpool lane while driving solo!
he don’t give a fuck! his theory is…. when traffic is really bad, like gridlock bad on the freeway, how can the CHP get him if he’s rollin in the carpool lane? he’s done that over 100x since I’ve known him! finally got caught and that is an expensive ass citation! smh but lol…. he’s like “n***a I was blasting Roscoe Dash to on that pig! yeahhh nicccccccccccccccauhh” smh

we get back safely and quickly to LAX…. as I’m rollin thru Ladera Heights back to the tilt, I see this grown up ass couple in an old school hoppin and 3 wheel motioning! NO JOKE

you know you’re back home in L.A. when you see a 45+ year old couple in a Regal on D’s and hopping hydros! and bumping Genius Of Love!

crazy… oh well…. that’s my blog entry for the past couple days.
work work and more work.

take care

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