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naw, but put it this way…
if I had put $200,000 5 years ago into Silver, I would have got $1,000,000 back!
if I did that with gold 5 years ago which we have done, the return was around $600,000

silver is no fucking joke…. it used to be $.30 an oz! now it’s reaching $50.00 an oz!
crazy shit….
gold hit $1,500 yesterday, but when it broke $1,450 and its been that for a little while now, it’s the same as being $1,500 to me/us.

anyways. TIME TO MELT!

that’s 12lbs or 5.5 kilo’s of gold…. and > maybach (the maybach is cool, but will steady depreciate)

and then…. (dude wheres my car voice)

that’s 16 kilos of silver! my cousin copped for a great price and I won’t even say…. lol

anyways, yesterday…. this week was a little slow, some custom orders sure, but was slow as hell at the store with not even window shoppers, worse, speculators! smh

here’s a couple things we just finished


big black diamond and white diamond pave pinky ring on black gold….


a rosary style bracelet… rubies on black gold, black rhodium and a white diamond cross on black gold, diamonds are set real gothic style on the cross.

A Rose gold Jesus piece…. we white rhodium’d the thorns so it popped out more

still updating and transferring over a lot of data and pics, etc….
the new website will launch this weekend, probably by Friday!

and then we are working on a merchant online store for gold items and basic things like custom nameplates and chains/links and probably some g-shocks…. stay tuned.

everyone have a great day


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