shoulda stayed in food & beverage… too much flossin, too much Sam Rothstein

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lol. I know; I’m a fool…..
ain’t much to say, I wrote enough for the month…. here’s some pics

double doors for the playa haters! that’s what the PH stands for on top of the telly… not planet hollywood. haha or it could actually stand for PentHouse, since thats where I’m at


they coulda stepped up the TV to something 2005ish

F it, the room is 1,500 sq feet with a bathtub bigger than a shark tank.


posting this blog right from this area

at the end of the day, you get a view like this, you make
the party come to your room F goin to Tryst or Lavo or Prive’

p.s. “finally, my time’s too short to share…..
time don’t go back, it goes forward”

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