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Wednesday is right around the corner and that’s when we launch my first episode of my show with Pusha T. It’s a 6 min episode and straight to the point… as the season goes on, it gets better and better…

make sure you check it out. I have major press from everywhere going hard for, because if you want shit done in this world and have the power to do so, then DO IT. I have a team and an army, but this time the King has to make moves and risk his queen getting taken. I trust my rooks and pawns, but my bishops and knights got a lot on their plates so I gotta prepare 10 moves ahead of the competition.

so motherfuckers act like because it’s a weekend, they don’t want to put in work like it’s a monday. I already told these assholes that I don’t give a fuck what day of the week it is. I only care about what day I get paid and that is EVERY DAY! period. fam is first, but fam will be living different and or on the streets if your work ethic isn’t on 6th gear.

I’ve been on the phone and my social media and emails doing interviews, while my wife holds down the house and takes care of London a majority of the time… I spend time with him, but sometimes I don’t see him for hours even though we’re in the same house, because I’m upstairs in my office grinding… I have to work harder than the next man or me and the next man will be spending a little time together waiting in lines (shit I don’t like) so, I’m not trying to be neck and neck with anybody.

speaking of waiting in lines…
let’s get started with my friday morning…
while cats was outside in the humid ass weather waiting in line for their iphone 5 and for the store to open up…. my boy rusty came through in the clutch… this was waiting for me when I was about to leave the house…


yup…. iphone 5 64gb with 6 brand new Speck cases and them shits aren’t even out yet in retail stores… much love to Rusty and speck products!

so I shot down with my other boy Caleb because I had to get my wife and cousin phones too and London needed one as well


yep… I know, I’m a dirtbag huh? no, hard work got me connects in the game.
recognize a G when you see one.

and with that new lightning to usb cable making the OG ipod/iphone cord obsolete, I had to search all over LA to find more cords;

as I need one for my macbook pro and then one for my car and then for the bedside table and 1 to travel with… I need 1 more, but they’re sold out across the country.

had a quick lunch meeting with my boy Nick Diamond and Caleb and as we were eating, we totally forgot that the Endeavor was flying over LA on it’s last mission

not the greatest pic, but fuck it..
btw, that space shuttle fucked up traffic all by my house because everyone and their moms was trying to see it from the Griffith park observatory! smh. took me 1 hour to get 4 miles!!!!!

but it’s well worth it because I’m on that LTE finally.
fuck I love this phone, the calls are crystal clear and the camera is much better.. the iOS 6 just works much better on this than the 4 or 4S and that do not disturb feature is genius… fuck the maps, I got ill navi in each whip…. what else? who cares… but the imessage is like lightning fast now.

while I was doing that, my boy Edison had a showroom at the pancake epidemic and I couldn’t make it, but he had some gifts for my son


much love EDC, I’ll catch you this week! now of course we have to talk about some jewels… rolex day date II president with the factory diamond dial for my boy Dillon… but he wanted his bezel to hit and shit on the factory bezel, so light work is being done right now… stay tuned #awready

now my boy Dillon already got a heavy cuban link holding up his iced out canary diamond unpolo d piece, but he wanted an alternate swag chain… so I found this 7.5mm 200 gram 14k franco for him

and last but NOT LEAST!
I know my little cousin has emailed back at least 200 folks about the micro cubans and them being totally gone… well….

JACKPOT BITCHES! we found some. yes, MICRO CUBAN LINK CHAINS ARE BACK IN STOCK! these will go TOO FAST! and they’re not miami cuban chains, this is a OG cuban link and they’re 5 grams each!
hurry up

so later on that night… me and my father in law headed over to the Americana to check out “End of Watch” the movie and that shit was pretty good….

went home after and spent time with my son who didn’t give a fuck and did NOT want to sleep at all. just cry and drive mommy and daddy crazy

on saturday morning, I got woken up by a call from my big homey and OG like a godfather to me, Ice-T. he hit me up because he saw the trailer to my show and was like, OK, that’s what the fuck I’m talking about BEN! we had a 30 min convo about positions in life and how we’ve climbed the ladders and all the above. he’s on a very successful TV show with Law & Order and now entering his 3rd season of his reality show Ice Loves Coco… so he had some pointers to give me and he just wanted to say that he’s proud of me and that’s what got me pumped the fuck up! that was a great start to any day, especially a saturday!
Ice has done it all, tv, movies, platinum albums, tours, grammy’s and producing to writing to voice overs…. and now he might get his first academy award with this documentary he did called the Art of Rap. if you love hip hop and haven’t seen that shit, you’re a true buster. that shit breaks down history for real….. much love Tracy

after that, I was working on these #’s and my schedule for my tv show and this upcoming 2nd collab with Jugrnaut. IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW. WE ARE DOING A 2ND RELEASE OF THOSE JESUS PIECE TEES THAT JUST SOLD OUT. THEY ARE BACK AND UP FOR SALE IN A VERY LIMITED RUN! go get them now.

check out the blog post at the bottom of this page for more details!!!!!

the rest of the day consisted of work and work and more work… cats who gave me any excuses, got their asses fired! btw, thank god the banks are open on saturdays. ok, back to work… I had to run all around town to handle some shit and I gotta do the same damn thing at the same damn time today!

I’m supposed to be going to NYC this weekend for press for my show. I’ll let you guys know or just follow my twitter feed to updates.

I did press for most of Saturday too. much love to my man Datwon over at VIBE magazine… see you soon homey.

after that, I headed over to this super random video store to rent some filipino dvd’s and this time around, I was 0-3 …. all 3 of them shits were ass! so terrible. fuck man smh….

Sunday, got up later than usual, around 10am and Nicolette wanted to take London out someplace nice, somewhere we could take pictures, enjoy a nice brunch, something expensive with no riff raff around and so we headed to the Langham hotel in Pasadena… that shit is luxurious… but pretentious old world luxury and old money type shit

I saw on yelp that it had $$$$ which means their on some mr chow type pricing so I had to check it out… haven’t been there since it was the Ritz Carlton a long time ago and waaaaaaay before that when they shot beverly hills cop part 1 there way back in the 80’s

it’s been a minute like I said, so damn… just pulling up, I didn’t know we were even in LA… shit looked like a better hancock park and almost bel air with 5-8 million dollar cribs easy surround this telly… but I had the nicest whip parked at their valet #whocares

walked passed their little lunch spot with a garden view and it looked official… they also have a bar that’s open at night time called the Royal something but shit looked all the way official and some shit I’d fuck with for sure….


it was 99 degrees out, but fuck it, it was a beautiful day!


with that pool view… I was peeping and it was nothing but rich white folks and some asians… as I looked a little closer, I spotted my bro Rob from Platinum posted up with his wife and son. lol! he was on the super down low! shieeeut. he was like wtf is Ben doing here??

we had a choice between the buffet or ordering ala carte and we did both… there was a chicken and waffle sandwich where instead of bread, it was 2 pieces of waffles that was soo damn official. I mean the food was pretty good, good enough to where I didn’t take any pics of it… they had all the fly shit, the champagne, freshly squeezed juices and all that jazz.


we walked out to the garden area which was fucking beautiful…. our first public family outing pic!


the iPhone 5 camera is so crisp, even sharper than the 4S…. so I walked down and said, fuck this… let me use this new iPhone 5 panorama picture feature!!!

you’re gonna have to scroll to the right and then back to the left to see the whole pic! that fucking pana feature is crazy! I have never taken a pic like this with such ease! shit came out crazy! and it could have gone even a little longer! wow. damn!

walked back in and said to myself… damn this place is fly as fuck and totally different than my usual beverly hills hotel or bel air hotel cool out sessions… I’m definitely going to have to stay here some time next year on a nice day and just spend the day at the pool and fuck up room service early!

even the hallways were on some fly euro rich old world shit

that’s some really regal shit right there!

left the hotel and headed to get some pinkberry to cool off….
got home and wanted to play dress up with London…

I forgot to shout out one of my best clients who isn’t just a friend of mine, but someone who’s been so generous and helpful in times of need….


yep, that Dr. Phil and his wife are something else. the nicest people on the planet and they show so much love… I gotta thank them 100 times back. that’s 7 more new gucci fly outfits, from terry cloth track suits and polo collared onesies and other onesies…. so fly! and they gave us a really nice blanket too!
thank you again Phil and Robin

those clothes are actually a little small. London is about 11lbs now and 23 inches tall and way too big to fit anything newborn and almost too big for 3 month old clothes… so we put him in something my mother in law got him

haha. Lobster boy!

got home in time to see the niners get they ass whooped! and got home in time to see my raiders finally beat a team, but a good team! in fact my 2nd favorite team in the NFL….

don’t trip… had to break out the $500 Just DON it python skin snap back

fuck! and to make things even sweeter? the raven’s came back from being down a grip to winning by a field goal with no time left beating the bitch ass hoe ass patriots! hahaahahahahaha ok

I got a lot of shit to do… shout out to my worldstar family. much love on the love

peace everyone. if you put in work this weekend then today should feel like tuesday or wednesday to you!


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