shit that doesn’t matter…

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it really doesn’t, but it will make for some cool pics no?

fuck it….
but if I ever have to beat down my kids with my belt…. they’ll get a designer beat down lol

that’s my daily rotation right now…. minus 1 or 2 belts
I’m not for designer jeans outside my diamond supply denim or pac sun skinny’s…. and if I’m really feelin myself, then I’m in only redline Levi’s or of course A.P.C.
and you know I stay in a white tee and a crewneck EARLY!

so back on some real grown man shit…
Rolex just raised their prices again and that’s the 3rd time inside 3 months. watches that were in the low $20,000’s are now in the low $30,000’s!
and this big boy diesel ass beautiful watch is sittin close to $42,000 after tax!

if you shop around and have cash, you can scoop one up for around $30,000 but that’s online…. off the net? around $33k and this bitch is a beast for real! 44mm and almost 300 grams of the best 18k gold you can get! the crazy thing is, I was getting these for $22,000 from LAX a couple years ago. Jonas wanted really bad and still double thought about it. smh… coulda wore the shit out of it for 2 years and made some money of wearing a watch? damn.

ready for instagram….

ready for the spoiler? I’m gonna do something to that watch that is going to hurt a lot of feelings and not in a good way… I mean in a bad way… but the D Boys will love it. the Trappers will love it, the connoisseurs will HATE it. oh well that’s life though huh?

now thats real racks on a RACK ^^^

but on some realer shit?
anyone who reps cali harder than me and got $$$ to blow?
then make me a serious offer on this piece right here:

over 300 carats in diamonds, mostly invisibly set and then you got the wavy ass pacific ocean! not to mention this piece is historical and has hurt more feelings than you can imagine… and weighs almost a kilo in gold! 18k that is. any legit 6 figure offer will not be looked at funny. fux wit me!

alright, enough superficial shit. but hey, only the belts are superficial really lol… the jewels are my business!

stay hungry, stay grinding


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