shit ain’t changed… but the weather

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man, went hard thurs. night with my bro Ahmad, seen a lot of familiar faces… passed thru this new restaurant ciccino’s which has very expensive steaks and entree’s(i’m very proud of them and their pretentious energy) they tried to front at first, but I was there to meet my lil sister China Chow and her fam. but regardless it was all good. they almost didn’t seat us @ $300 a plate in a recession? and I had on a dress shirt and black pants no chains… of course I can’t ever stop looking like a world class asshole with that shitty unremovable smirk… but shout out to Nico and Travis. we left there and headed to the SLS to get a drink… seen a friend I haven’t seen in almost 15 years or so… Shane, I guess he’s 1 of the main judges on the best dance crew shit on mtv…. I met him thru Tara Patrick aka Carmen Electra when I first came back from college to DJ @ the infamous Roxbury nightclub…. anyways, it was good to see he’s finally doin big things, he was dancing and trying to choreagraph since the early 90’s…. he remembered some funny stories, he heard I was doin things, I didn’t wanna interupt and he was having a convo with Randy Jackson… they seen me pull away and they had priceless looks on their face….anyways and me and my lil bro Ahmad headed to Area for my homey Lisa Flemings party and decided to continue to break diet by poppin goose and dom p (magnum of course you fux) all night. and out of all the clubs, we go to a damn all asian/armo party??? BUT the dj was poppin like c4. shout out to dj butch; we got work for you for sure for any party we plan in the future. anyways, “looked at my chopard, spent 1/2 the night drinkin…. it’s like deja vu, spent 1/2 my life drinkin”
of course I’ve been goin hard @ the gym, startin to see the abs pop out and can’t wait for the summertime… we just practicing right now…. benchwarmers lookin crazy! summer league starting 5 is unfadeable!

so skipping to Friday, me and my man GOAT went hardbody in the gym…. pause. Venice Beach is the mecca to bodybuilding so it’s only right to get motivated around people who take care of their bodies. crazy…. no frills, get your just a tad better than penetentiary style gym workout on. last night, I kept it light, but heavy lol
today caught up with the fam @ platinum and of course got it in @ the gym too. hit the streets in my workout gear and wasn’t mad at the gridlock traffic on melrose cuz there was a lot to look at! spent $400 @ target on absolutely nothing, kill me. then mashed down melrose again for the 3rd time on some ocean ave/sunset blvd cruising type steez and stopped @ diamond supply to say what up to my mans Nick Diamond. shout out to Dom Kennedy and Jimmy. 80 degree weather in LA? and a OG LA house party with a performance tonight? cmon….. I’m lovin LA right now!

aite, take it light and suck it easy. lol

p.s. twitter has still taken over my life. jesus christ.

and 56,000 views on thurs over that gay ass review of a bullshit ass movie?
you beat out the views on when I put up Drakes mixtape! smh.
btw, shout out to my mans Drake good talk today bro and shouts to my man _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ can’t say the name until the piece is done. toooooooo many lurkers and haters will sea salt the shit outta my game. WE GOT THE BEST CUSTOM JEWELRY, BUST A MOVE!

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