She doesn’t want flowers…. she wants LANVIN!

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So I blogged on a saturday morning huh? it happens….
vegas didn’t wear me out, but this sour diesel sure did….
family time and shit like that…

so back to my blog…

ladies shit…. smh
any of you guys heard of Lanvin? of course you have; because before even your favorite rapper out of chicago was talking about it, everyone in high fashion has been buzzing about Lanvin and it’s everyone’s favorite designer pretty much….. so they collab’d with the affordable H&M for a 1 day event and collection that had girls go fucking nutso!

girls were lining up literally at stores Friday evening at 9pm to get their hands on some very affordable high fashion designs….. which started selling at 8am on saturday morning.

I woke up saturday around 8:30am and seen some tweets about people heading over to H&M and not all the stores got the collection except for the main ones. Nic knew about it and she really wanted to go so by the time I finished blogging and washing my ass, we got to the beverly center around 11am…. there were still mobs of people there and the weird thing was it was only in 1 area… they had barricaded the area that had Lanvin for women off and there were 3 security guards watching over.
they handed out bracelets in color groups for times and only those people were allowed to grab what they wanted during that time, no excuses or exceptions….


there were fights, ambulances called for people trampled over and all types of bullshit… I mean I thought sneakerheads were bad with their shoe releases, but women are waaaaay more vicious…


last time H&M did a collab like this was with Jimmy Choo and there was blood with that release lol.

this was waay worse. You’re talking about a line that sells dresses for a few thousand dollars easy and was selling dresses for $149.99 and you’re talking about shoes that go for $1,000 + that were selling for $99.99

so anyways, I saw a friend there and between that friend and a nice salesman, I was able to trade people in the store for some shoes and a couple dresses for my girl…. she was very very happy. on the other end, I saw a dope light blue woven button up and the last one in my size. so I grabbed it…. then a fight broke out between an obviously gay guy and a guy who might not yet be out of the closet yet…. I straight armed them to walk away and then one of their friends hit someone else with a bag(yes these dudes were rocking purses, NOT murses, but full size louis vuitton tote bags) and with that bag, someone’s starbucks was knocked over and yup…. that coffee got onto my new H&M <3 Lanvin shirt.... I put the shit down back on the floor to see another guy run and grab that shirt wtf? anyways.....

not a big deal. I got a healthy lunch in after, Nic was cheesing so much I had to just be happy for her….
I had A SHIT LOAD OF WORK TO FINISH and stuff to orchestrate so I handled that while she had a fashion show for herself via bbm with her friends…..


later on in the night, I was too tired to go out for any pre-AMA show parties… so I headed out with my web-genius homey’s Dustin and Cody to see “AJUSSHI” again….
this time the theater was fucking packed…. but this time, the movie was even better! caught some things I didn’t notice the 1st time around and I fucking love this movie man! damn!

got back to the trap and plotted on how I wanted to move over to completely take over and a new domain…

woke up to my raiders getting the dog shit beat out of them….
then chillin with fam all day/all night

AMA’s we’re terrible. I wish Kanye got on stage when Taylor accepted her award to say “I’mma let you finish…..” but he didn’t… shit would have been “epic” and I hate that word, but that word would truly describe how funny it would have been! woulda been the ultimate dickhead/asshole move! Diddy dirty money? are you fucking kidding me? shit was awful. Rihanna and Katy Perry who I both don’t care for did a nice job though….

I’m all over the place, got a lot of work to do and I’m not even able to take pics of everything we finish and stuff…

so I gotta go back to work!

much love


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