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everyone always asks where I get my shades from and honestly, I’m not much of a big sunglass shopper, I know what I like and I cop, but when it gets like the evidences or the millionaires, then I chill out until them shits hit vintage status because cornballs have played it out…

but for NYC, I don’t know if I want to take my matte black OP joints there just in case, because I love them shits!

anyways, I got to go to the Luxottica flagship showroom this week and grab a few promo pairs of shades on some celebrity gifting steez. THANK YOU JUNIOR AND KENDALL! Luxottica is the mothership for spots luxury eyewear and for spots like sunglass hut and many more, they service Ray Ban, Prada, Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, D&G, Persol, Versace and a whole lot more!

so I grabbed a few pairs I wanted for summer time… they were fresh out of wayfarers but it’s all good, cuz I got them shits on order haha…. I haven’t rocked aviators in a while, so I grabbed a couple pairs but for different looks and then they had some super duper fresh matte black wayfarer style persols, so I scooped those too


ladies, which pair do you think look best on me? haha




I personally think the Dolce Aviators are killin….

aite, just bored bout to hit the streets of NYC!

be easy, god bless….
I brought this tee with me to NYC just to let the haters know….

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