Selena the Trickster…

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ok Bieber, Selena fans…
you got an old man away from resting to write up this story….

so here it goes

last night I was with Sean Kingston to give him his grills finally and work out a deal on a new piece, he had to take off to film some show “make your mark?” and I don’t know anything about the show except that it’s a disney show and he and selena gomez are the judges… so I didn’t go last night.

today, I met up with Sean to finish up some business…. then headed to work. I was supposed to be at a show for my bros Far East Movement in Long Beach, but a few set backs with work held me back…

so I get a call from Sean to meet the Prince of Dubai (yes no joke) and, so I drove all the way to the set of the show and chilled for a little bit…. after while, I see Selena and a lot of disney tv actors all around and I guess there was a meet and greet? I don’t know… I make jewelry for a lot of celebrities and athletes, so I don’t ever get star struck…. I think Prince and Michael Jackson changed the way I act around famous people…. so anyways…. I see Selena walk by me and Sean starts to talk to her, I hear some small talk and she says she misses Justin a lot, etc etc… Sean says “hey Ben have you met Selena before?” I said no… but it’s cool. I don’t think she’s gonna like me because I made JB’s halloween costume grills…. so he introduces me anyways along with Seans manager Jen… and Seans like, “Selena, you know BEN” I said, she prolly does, but she’s not gonna like me and then Selena says “ohhhh I don’t like you! you’re the one who made Justin’s grill huh?” I said yeah….. does he wear it? ” Selena said “YES! he definitely wears it! (stone face towards me) and I’m thinking to myself like damn…. she’s actually really sweet though, I can tell lol… so She says let’s play a prank on Justin…. and I agreed (why not right?) let’s take a pic and then send the guys the pic and under it say “guess who’s getting a grill? so I grabbed my jewelry bag which has my jewels and mold kits for grills etc in there…. so I had Seans Manager take a pic of us and I sent it to Kenny, Alfredo, Ryan and Justin….


it was around 7:30pm in mexico so I didn’t expect to get a call or text back because I know they’re on the road and on tour….. 30 minutes later…. Kenny hits me like “No Way! Lol” I forget to reply back to him…. so my phone rings after I don’t reply back…. sure enough its Kenny and he’s like bro, wtf? cmon? for real? I’m in mexico, if you could see my face right now. what’s going on? who’s paying for her grill…. I’m like, bro she’s a millionaire, she can do what she likes… lol…. so he’s like mannnnn, this is gonna cause some trouble and I know we’re gonna be blamed for it if she gets a grill lmao…. are you kidding me? I’m just laughing thinking about how crazy he looks right now.

so meanwhile, I tell Selena and she’s cracking up…. I didn’t do anything else, I didn’t say it was a joke or anything… a few hours later, I get a text from Justin saying “call me” and I’m like…. damn, he’s gonna be mad or tell me to take it down….

I wonder if he talked to Selena yet…. fuck it, so I call him…. he says “cmon bro. is she really getting a grill? (I’ve talked to him enough on the phone to know his voice and different sounds, from regular to really happy) and he was definitely concerned like “please say it’s a joke”…. so I’m thinking to myself, like damn, I know in the last 3 hours he’s had to have talked to his girl and he had to ask her…. I can’t believe she’s really stringing this little prank along for so long…. she’s really cool for playing the joke for real! haha

after a while, I couldn’t take it…. I can’t do that to my little homey lol, so I called him back again and told him naw bro, cmon man, your girl is NOT getting a grill. she just wanted to play a joke on you. I didn’t think she had it in her lol…. All G, he laughed, I laughed…. I let his and her fans know on twitter it was just for fun.


peace everyone

p.s. I remember the day I delivered the grills to justin at the studio… he was so excited and so anxious…. but was in such a rush because he had to drive down to San Diego immediately after the studio to catch Selenas 2nd to last show…. then to Vegas to catch the very last show…. I always come through in the clutch though… couldn’t let down the biggest pop star on earth

again, Selena is a really nice girl, and the whole JB camp is always swaggerific with me. I got nothing but love for them, all great peoples…..
I don’t know if after reading this, this makes any sense… but it was just a small prank played on a prankster

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