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okay, so damn… sorry but cats are coming out of the wood works with their stories about trifling bitches and there have been TONS of emails coming in. yo please understand, I’m good. Nobody has shit on me, so I’m straight, SO PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL MY MANAGER OR MY BOOKING AGENT OR OUR JEWELRY EMAIL for anything outside of business. I will try to set up a questions or fan email for that, thank you!

well, anyways this story came to my booking email and my assistant read it and CALLED ME to tell me the story… WOW

okay, so this guy is having weird energy about his girlfriend he’s been dating for over a year and a half…. his intuition just feels strange and I can relate because my intuition is crazy(I’ve been 95% right when the gut and spirit just tells me something…. thats 95% right in my lifetime, whether it be about women, life or business) anyways… so he’s feeling awkward because he’s bout to call it quits with her and he tells his girlfriend he needs to meet up with her to talk about something important and she says “yeah I have something important to tell you too” so he’s like damn… maybe she might come clean and be like I’ve been on some other shit, maybe admit that she’s cheatin, who knows? so they meet up and she tells him she has terminal cancer (jaw drops, heart skips, stone face) so he’s immediately thinking, there is no way in hell he can break up with this girl now. She has about 6 months to live…. So immediately he changes shit up and does what only a great man would do and that’s give her the last best few months of her entire life. He basically takes her 1st to L.A. because she’s never been…. they do the whole town, santa monica pier, venice beach, disneyland, rodeo drive and takes her to the best restaurants from mr chows to lawrys to anything she wants. they stay at the top hotels, the whole 9(now he’s NOT balling, but he takes a little loan out on his house to pay for all this) from there he’s given her full VIP service back home that any woman would dream of…. from foot massages to best foods in bed, shows, 5 star cuisine, you name it! ALL THE ABOVE! he took her to the Eiffel tower and they ate french food in France as she wished… they even went to India to try a certain kind of Himalayan healing process for the cancer and after about 5 months, one of his boys girlfriends puts a bug in her man’s ear and is like…. hey, she don’t seem right. the dude is like, ya no shit she doesn’t seem right, she’s dying…. and she’s like no I don’t trust her for some reason. but dude doesn’t say anything to his boy because it’s kind of a crazy thing to even approach….. 5 months goes by and the guy catches his girlfriend who has terminal cancer in a lie inside the hospital. SHE WAS FAKING IT THE WHOLE TIME! … SHE IS PERFECTLY HEALTHY, DOESN’T HAVE CANCER, NOTHING!!!! He had been taking her every other week or weekly to her chemo therapy treatments and waiting and sometimes dropping her off at the hospital for hours at a time and going to work and then coming back to pick her up. THE BITCH WAS LYING ABOUT DYING?????? she had set up fake chemo appointments and doctor appointments and had been sitting around there for hours doin nothing! she knew he was going to break up with her! WTF KINDA SHIT IS THAT THOUGH?

I’m sorry, I’m fucking blown away… I thought I couldn’t trust a girl? GODDAMN! wow! wow! wow! THIS HAS TO BE TOP 3 ILLEST STORY ABOUT A SCANDALOUS ASS WOMAN I’VE EVER READ OR HEARD IN MY LIFE….
I think I may post the other trifling story later, but this is just enough. absorb this shit for a little bit and maybe you might not feel so bad about your life. jesus, smfh

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