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I love to spend time with my close friends. F.Y.I., I have about 40,000 acquaintances and about 11 friends in my life outside my family. That’s the truth. So when I get to spend time with any of the 1 of 11 real friends in my life, it’s a special time. Especially with my best friend that I thank God each day for having in my life. So Friday night we hit up Asia De Cuba to get some cocktails…. then we hit up S-Bar in K-Town and got it poppin on the karaoke! no joke, even Joney got down a little bit and sang some joints… he’s more tone def than I am! we all had a blast.


when we got home friday night, we took it back to college dorm daze almost; got our super laugh on with Katt Williams and late night pig out session on (sorry Gregg!). the fantastic four for real.

Saturday, we kept it very light in the daytime, everyone needs to recharge their batts…. did a little bit of shopping on melrose and at the Bev Center… damn WOMEN CAN SHOP! FOR REAL! I wanted to get a manicure to keep my cuticles suitable, but oh well… so later we had a delicious dinner @ Ago and the place was nutso, I mean, I couldn’t believe how crowded it was for a 10pm dinner! I had to pull some strings because I don’t like waiting so thank god my boy knew the manager and we sat down after about 10 min while others were waiting still with 9pm reservations. btw, we didn’t have a reservation Dinner was nice and our bond is strong, convo is always great, energy is always high! we skate over 2 streets to Coco DeVille and it’s bedlam outside, I mean it was nutso…. the Ben Baller name never fails though(thanks cam) we walked in 10 deep like a bball team, but with pretty ladies once we stepped foot inside, it was beyond insanity in there! jack osbourne was having a bday party and you couldn’t move, not usually my scene but I wanted to make sure my guests got to experience coco on a poppin night. we couldn’t get our own table even with offering double what the bottles were going for. so we shared a table with my boy Matt M. we had a good time once some bottles came. We went hardbody for like 2 hours in there, even copped a magnum of Veuve! Me & Jojo were beating up my manager/homey Bo. I think Jonas punched Bo in the cox about 91 times. lol. After that, I got attacked by the rose lady and felt bad for being a little brash, but all good. We all then headed home for a nightcap and pizza eating contest.


sundays are always like a mellow and kinda (*insert* nice word for sad?) day because(well I’m sure you know why) Mar, you have a safe flight home, hope to see you soon. To my Cuz steve! sorry about last night! I’m so happy for you and your wife bro, real talk. Kevion!!!! and Alana!!!!! congrats on Kaizen (sp?) wow he’s a big guy!

god bless you.

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