San Francisco Tonic Live Part Deux

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So I just got home from a short but very tiring trip to SF… thank you Anthony aka Tonic for treating me like the celebrity that I’m not, but it’s all good. can’t imagine how you would treat someone who was actually famous lol…. cuz DEEEZAAAAMMMMMM we gots it IN!
Twitters and Texts was so crazy that even my lil homey Jimmy Boi had to fly out to fux with us….
the parties I hosted were to sort of to set off this car show on sunday(yesterday) wekfest(spelled correctly?) which I couldn’t attend due to business(fuck that, let me keep it ultra real… because of a woman/girl lol)….
but here is the weekend wrap up… enjoy it and I’m sorry the blog was down here and there, it’ll all be worked out very soon!


wanna see more? of course you do! so click the link below….

so I get to LAX…. flight is delayed ALMOST 2 HOURS! I’m just like FML…. BUT… I gotta thank god that I was booked a 1st class flight…

Virgin is by far my favorite airline whenever flying domestic… I tried to book a ticket for 1 of my 1000% be@rbricks because she wanted to go, but TSA says NO GO… she doesn’t have a ID or passport, so I can’t buy 2 seats under my name…. smh

1 of my favorite things about virgin 1st… is the all the way back seat recliner…. CHECK! ipod… beats by Dr. Dre…… CHECK!

remote control for the TV/Movies… CHECK!

1st class snacks…. CHECK!

time to relax… we’re off to SF on a 1 hour 30 minute flight lol…. Supras stretched out!

so I touchdown in SF and it’s pouring fucking rain like my homey Karim in any nightclub(REALLY BAD! LOL) and so Anthony picks me up and is like what do you wanna eat? Crustaceans? Cheesecake Factory? someplace nice? I said FUCK NO homes…. take me to a mom and pop hole in the wall Filipino spot homey…. stop playing… so we hit a spot in San Bruno and I said jokingly this place better not have Balut! smh….

what was the 1st thing on the menu? fucking Tonic man….
but all good, I got to get my fusion style Chicken Adobo…


so we got our grub on… but didn’t pig out… finally got a call from this girl I wanna dig out (OG’s will understand that line…)
headed to my hotel to drop off my bag and hit the mall to get a couple small things…
we get to my telly and shit is fresh as always, high up and nice view…. rain started to clear up…

the rain slowed down…. so we walk across the street to the westfield mall on market… shit has changed ALOT since I last went there in the early 90’s…. nicer shops, many more shops, etc… hit up the sunglass spot to get an official microfiber cloth to clean my specs… yes the ones everyone’s been asking me about… the funeral fab specials(thank you Fabolous for the hookup!) and as we hit the escalator, I get stopped by some fans… “yo aren’t you ben baller” (shit still amazes me… I used to be weird about it, but now I just completely embrace it) and I chop it up with the lil homies a little bit… get to the next floor and check out some SF fitteds and hit some other fans… took some more pics, cats were really cool…. saw they had a bristol farms market inside the mall, so I needed some green tea sencha shots and some water… walked over to use the restroom to take a piss and after I literally am finishing and zipping up my LRG slim straights a cat taps me on the shoulder… now I’m an asshole usually, but when it comes to fans and stuff, I try to be as kind as possible, but can I put my catdicc away? smh damn yes homo…. I’m like what it do? the kids like, yo can we take a pic with you? I’m like can you wait a little til I wash my hands and take this pic outside the restrooms? he’s like cmon Ben, I’m a big fan, let’s do this… so I’m like fux it… lets do it… so I check out this streetwear shop next to champs and they got Diamond supply in there, chop it up with the buyer of the shop, he knew who I was, so there was a lot of love for me in the Bay…. I showed love back for sure…. I’m a little tired and wanna be crisp for the event later that night at NV and so I head back to the room to chill out…. All I wanted was the place to be packed and make sure they had at least some Veuve or decent Rose’…. but the spot caters more to a vodka/henny crowd…. so I decided to walk down to the local wine specialty shop right in union square to check out shit just in case for that night and the next night…. I walk in and see they have some shit… I talk to the owner of the wine shop/liquor store and WOW…. he took me to the vault to break out the real REAL SHIT and I was like deeeammm… but they were sold out of my favorite Nectar Imperial Moet Rose…. so I was morely browsing… the guy knew who I was somehow, but what he showed me was just plain ignorant and maybe for another event(no club in LA would let me bring in a bottle and pay a corkage fee, but fuck with this shit below I’d try!)….

Double Magnum of Opus One 1997(best year besides 1996 for Opus) $10,000 was all it was! in the club it’d be like $25,000 easy…. Opus to me is the best tasting wine next to a few diff Kisler wines…
so next up…. smh…

you already know… Jerobaum of Cristal? lol…. lets not get into the pricing… so few clubs even stock this

some Thomas Crown Affair steez! super classy shit! do your research!

so Tonic tells me they got Rose’ there, so I’m hyped… take a quick nap and get fresh for the evening…. I get a text from my boo Kid Sister who tells me she’s in SF too! but shes performing at a different club and wanted me to come through…. I told her I’ll try, but I rather hit up or fave pasttime which is eggs benedict and mimosas! she had a show in Sac the next night and then back in Oakland… so I wanted to see her, but we’re both tied up with work……
I get ready and get into Champagne Hooligan mode:

I meet up with the lovely ladies around 11:30pm… Christine Mendoza, Nikita Esco, Natalia Marie and Jenny Chu…so we’re off to the club…. as soon as we get there, there is a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ass line(shit I thought they was giving out jobs at that bitch!) and when I walk up, the security remembered me…. a girl hits me up and is like “yo I love your youtube videos” and I’m like damn… word mommy, see you inside… I’m can see cats taking pics of me on their cell phone cams from my peripheral vision…. we walk upstairs and I see Anthony didn’t have my rose’ but fux it…. I ain’t no diva, kept it hood with the yak and whitestarr! I ALSO HAD TO HIT SF WITH THE BLACK ON BLACK EVERYTHING FROM MY EARS TO MY FEETS AND BLACK HAYZEUS WAS IN THE BUILDING!

fuck it…. thug passion… we’ll work it out!

anyways, the club is fucking packed… DJ is playing joints… kids are getting hyphy… lots of pretty ladies around and so I’m just drinking, being a cool host and hanging out with everyone…

lol… christine on the phone with her man…. prolly some drama haha! jk babe, I LOVE YOU!

Nikita(love her… she always is full of electricity!) and met Natalia for the 1st time that night, but she had my back along with the rest of the girls making sure no groupies were too much on me, so they batted them off and intentionally by my permission were allowed to cock block lol


club was packed early! I must have taken 100+ pics with club goers there…. but tried to take as many as I could on my cam…

my 1/2 korean, 1/2 black boo… Lisa Alexandrea… cool ass chick! some funny shit goin on in that picture…

so by this time… the thug passion has infected and invaded my liver… so I’m on one…

twit pic! me, Nikita, Natalia and Christine with her scandalous ass top smh…. titties were all out! had dudes drooling over her lol hahahaha

one of the girls who danced there that night was with our crew, Jenny, but I don’t know her… seemed cool.

me and Nikita hands down took the best pics on this trip!

hard working youngster… grinding and driving back and forth from SF to Sac getting his grind on and skate on! everytime I see this youngster he be getting her jerk on in the club!

right when the night ended…. some cat handed me a flier to this party and I look at it and I see my lil brother Alchemist on it…

so I mms’d him this pic to his phone…. his reply “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?” “I’M NOT DJING IN SAN FRANCISCO! SOMEBODY GOTTA BREAK BREAD!” lol

we leave the club and Anthony takes me to this viet sandwich spot which is 24hours which he’s been hyping up for a few months now… we get there and it’s closed… smh…. but he takes me to a spot off Geary that had some official prime rib and we got it in there…. I’m wasted… hit the telly and pass out….

woke up early…. headed over to Union Square to peep out Goyard, LV, Chanel… etc etc… also get some lunch…

had to hit up StarBucks to get some caffeine…. but it was a beautiful day…

but then… my eyes were on the prize…

only my 3rd time walking into Goyard… but there wasn’t anything I felt I NEEDED… but the guys in there are always cool and remembered my jewelry….

got lightweight hungry… but had to hit Louis Vuitton 1st… copped a murakami multicolor rag…. didn’t think they’d still have one there… then walked next door to Burger Bar…. shit is like Fathers Office, but not as good, but still good! they also let you create your own burger… you know I had to get the Kobe


my view from the table was dope!

but this was even doper

so… I walk back to my hotel… talk shit to the girls for a little bit, they were doing a photoshoot in their hotel room and headed to get some food and hit the gun range…. I wanted to take a quick nap and then hit Haight Street…. so Ant comes to take me to Haight to check out the shops and when we get there, I just start crazy reminiscing about my SF haydays in the early 90’s during college…. we get to Haight and nothing changed except that it’s been cleaned up quite a bit… I mean there’s more boutique style shops, but the overall energy is the same… feels also like an SF Melrose ave… but I walk into True, FTC and a few other shops… saw a Kid Robot and you know I had to stop! KR had some really dope rare 400%’s in stock and the employees said nobody really is up on these, so they don’t sell well… but then I seen something crazy in there…. I was like DAMN! had to cop on the low… but I don’t wanna show pics until they ship it to me!


classic SF forever…

so we take a drive down Geary all the way back to the Telly (there’s 1,000,000 chinese people in Union Square for the Chinese New Years parade… which is CRAZY!) so I get to the room and my homey Jimmy Boi is there… I left him a key to my suite and he went over to the mall to cop an outfit for the evening…. typical jimmy boi… he finally comes back to the room and we chop it up about the asian takeover plan…. and my ass needs a nap… wake up and it’s time to get crisp…. I get dressed feeling like a trillion bucks… and after staring in the mirror for 20 minutes I thought about not going to the club because I just looked too good… shits disgusting lol…..
had to send a pic to my lil mama

so this time I make sure that there is Veuve at this club… because the whitestar is cool… but I gotta keep it G…. it’s confirmed… so I’m like 2 bottles of veuve, 1 bottle of patron and 2 bottles of Grey Goose for the crew… LET’S GO!

we hit the club Horizon (on broadway) around 11:45…. shit’s a smaller venue, but nice vibe… mostly asian… looked like sutra across the street was cracking… but Sutra wasn’t cutting me a check
the security guards at Horizon tried to tell me to take off my sunglasses(super smh) and I said, fux it homey, I’m being paid to host this event, I’ll leave this bitch… ain’t bout to leave no specs in the car… they work it out but for the rest of the night, they acted gay about a lotta shit…. oh well… we had to get it started!

Jimmy Boi complaining about his Gout and can’t drink shit… so I hit him with the college/hs peer pressure shit like listen to me, pull your skirt down B! drop the fucking water and get with this goose and champagne!



AWWWWREADY…. get that flute in your hand *****! O’ Letsss do it!

so I thought I was doing major things… but the main attraction that night was Christine’s boobs….. lolololol. THEY WERE LITERALLY MAKING PEOPLES EYES POP OUT THEIR HEADS! SMH….

it was over from this point on….


the asian james spader(circa Less Than Zero era) lololol


Nikita showing her cute lil pout sad face…. because the grey goose bottle ran out.. LOL JK


the infamous…. BLUE DOLPHIN Pill Gates pendant….

and my homey Misha texts me telling me he got a piece he’s rockin to rep Israel to the fullest! haha, hot made by me… but fux it… it’s 6 points! aka the star of David… SHALOM MISHA!

me and the homey Cyrus….

and last but not least… the true epitome of the evening/weekend! haha I love Nikita because she’s always down to clown for a pic and she’s so damn photogenic!

So I thought Jimmy was gonna get it in with a shorty because the ladies was feeling dude… they was all over me all weekend, but I had a great goalies blocking shots all night lololol….. so we head to get some pizza and head back to the room and Jimmy’s fat ass passed out and I heard him snoring like Peter Griffin smh…. I tossed and turned because I wanted to get home asap and skip the car show to see someone special! so I changed my flight to an earlier one…

woke up and headed to SFO and got home safely… literally had the best Sunday and since about 10 days or so ago, it’s been the best 10 days i’ve had consecutively in a long ass time!

I want to seriously thank Anthony for taking care of me… breaking bread with a thug… bottles all night, every night…. nice hotel, good food, 1st class airfare and just carte blanche to the bay area! mad love homey… thank you Nikita and Christine and Natalia for blocking all the groupies… I avoided some crazy shit huh? lol!

I have to thank my sponsors: L-R-G and Supra for having me fresh always 24/7 and whenever I leave town, they make sure I am all the way RIGHT! mad love!

everyone have a great day and thanks for reading!

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