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yeah man, so my boy Ryan Leslie came into town last night and rocked Los Angeles… he seriously killed the sold out crowd at the Roxy. there was a line outside to get in longer than a lame Jordan defining moments release…. BUT of course my brother Nic Adler gave me the owners table which is the best booth there… if some of you don’t know. one of my first jobs in hollywood was at the Roxy as him and his pops gave me my first shot and chance in the business….

anyways if you don’t know Ryan’s story then damn, google him or check out his youtube videos where he puts together a GREAT beat in the same amount of time it takes you to heat up a burrito… dude is gifted. there are folks out there with a dope image, some with decent production skills, some with a great singing voice and then there those with super talent and that entire package, R Les would fall into that category for sure. an artist, who can play multiple instruments well, sing, produce, write and perform. nowadays you have people who can kind of sing, but not really. they don’t write their music and they can’t produce, so they’re just an image or a face and they’re destiny is to be famous. fuck that. my boy has a real love for music and it shows… he ended the show last night by saying “thank you, I have left everything on the stage here tonight” word the fuck up….

so thank god I got a big ass 8 person booth, because otherwise, we’d be fucked… I had invited Nic’s friend to sit with us and her date, but then we also didn’t know we had some friends who already bought tickets to the show…. the line was like over an hour long to get in lol… fuck that. that’s my backyard and I wasn’t waiting….

last night was me and Nic’s first night out since London was born and he’s about to be 1 month finally… Nic really hasn’t left the house at all. she’s been getting cabin fever for real, so I said, come with me!!! hopped in that B and pushed to the sunset strip… POW! we’re back! Mr. and Mrs.


gotta thank Matte from DOPE couture for the sick patent leather red bottom snapback! thanks to Manny at Jugrnaut for that black cat crew neck…. K-Skinny jeans by KR3W and the filthy fresh Supra Falcons… your boy was fresh last night! lol

so we sat down, got some drinks and then I went upstairs to chop it up with ryan and his band…. coolest guys. everyone talented and super humble.

I said, fam do your thing and make sure you play “how it’s supposed to be” and walked back downstairs

the show started and the sound was perfect… he jumped right into it and man, his band was so on point… they were jazzy, they were funky as fuck and they even sprinkled some rock star shit. fuck they had the Roxy Jammin last night!


my man, shouted out my name last night on stage not once, but 3 times! hahaaa

shit was dope! the crowd was so pumped! and when I heard him say “I SEE YOU BEN BALLER! I SEE YOU HOMEY! haha, I got hyped….

close to the end of the show, Ryan dedicated his song Diamond Girl to a fan and brought him on stage to propose to his girlfriend… I said to myself, is this real life????? that was fucking awesome… he met the fan during the meet and greet and they set it up as part of the show. the girl said yes and R Les even gave dude the mic and he started to sing lol….. damn. shit was crazy though

good times though mashed back to the crib and stopped at Fatburger to grab a turkey burger and veggie burger and fat fries…. awwww yeahhhhh

aite y’all. gotta get on my grind so London can have a good life!

make sure you check out they just launched!!!!


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