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yeah, I’m finally back home and I’m planning on staying here for a lil while…
no coachella (hipsters? trust fund kids running around like shitheads and port-a-potties?) = NO THANKS!

I’m supposed to hit Chi-Town for a clipse/wale gig at the end of the month, but I’ve been running around too much and what I need to do is head to Hawaii or Europe even to get away for a week!

before I headed out again, I had a very short window of time and a lot to do inside a few hours…
headed over to illest boutique (THANK YOU MARK FATLACE!)
and also headed over to Crooks N Castles to get some fresh kicks! (THANK YOU DENNIS AND CROOKS FAM)


thanks again for lacing me with gear, so I didn’t have to do laundry… just pack my bags and then pop tags!

and then I obviously had to hit the bank and hit my store to get shit prepared… wanted to rock some cubes in my ears and wanted them to be VVVVVVS so in case I ran into any haters, they would be distracted by the light gleeming off my earrings

anyways, just spent the last few days in Las Vegas with the Champ again to build this billion dollar network and deliver a few jewels and things and hang out with my new team money, philthy rich crew….

got into vegas and got picked up by money team member Wayne (thanks Wayne) and headed straight to the champs house…. I was so tired I passed out.
Saturday we kicked it at Floyd’s Crib with a couple homeys and a few games were on and I don’t like to ask if he got money on a game or whatnot, so I just kept quiet(me quiet?) until shit was over….

now the champs attention span is like mine so that means its shorter than my penis…. thats real real short.
but his brain works faster than > . . .
so he bet on the first half of the spurs game and I was chopping it up with his homey from his hood Jumbo…. we talked about everything from energy to religion and we shared a lotta the same beliefs…. especially on bogus extra religious peeps…..

I also got to meet one of the champs boxers “Jesse Vargas” who just finished knocking someone out in the 1st round…. dude was trained by Floyd’s uncle since he was 8! and he’s currently 15-0 UNDEFEATED! very nice dude and humble…. that was just one of the Champs boxers and damn he didn’t have a mark on his face from the night before haha, the other cat got lumped up though.

oh yeah, I made the champ some jewels for gifts for his nephew and some of his artists on his label….
check out the pics of these letter tags that I made with the true VS diamonds and 14k white gold


his nephews name is Devaughn and he’s the most grown up 17 year old I know… the champ treats him like he’s his own son and the champ already has kids of his own, but this is another special relationship. but on some real shit… the champ doesn’t just spoil him, he teaches him deep shit about life and where he(the champ) made mistakes and how not to do the same things and just so much more. I see the love between them big time. when little Devaughn got his chain, he was poppin his collar heavy…. it matched the diamonds on his fully flooded AP smh
much love though regardless

so anyways back to the game, the spurs were down or tied up damn near the whole 1st half so I was kinda nervous because the way champ was watching the game, I knew it was no joke….. now it was a 9 point spread and the game was tied with like 4 minutes or less left! and then they went on a 9 – 0 run in the last minute! they ended the half covering the spread within like seconds and I damn near shit, because I don’t want to ever be bad luck around the champ…..

so he hits me up and say’s let’s go beennnnn, haha, you ready to film some shit? I love this guy lol. always so fucking cool regardless…
YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO! of me and champ and his boy Jumbo rollin to the casino from the money mansion

you like how he told the sports book boss that he’s gonna put him on the big boy site? (ahem MY BLOG!) LOL
that shit was funny…. btw, he’s eating Lemon Creme cookies lol. I love them shits!

while we were there, I had to take a pic with the champ for twitter and for clownage purposes $110,000 (that’s nothing) especially compared to the last time I was there!

when we came back… I left my camera in the Phantom, so I went back to grab it so I could take some pics of the cars you didn’t get to see last time….


smh… everything such a major problem in that 1 garage (remember he has another garage and then his driveway)
from the f430 scuderia to the GT supersports and of course the disgusting 599 GTB UGGGHHHHHH!!

so we get back and were all watching this fight that was going down at the MGM casino and I’m watching how fucking much the champ really knows about boxing (DUH) Floyd is spitting game fighting styles and just damn, he knows so much about the craft, but I mean like, more than Doc Rivers or Phil Jackson knows about basketball…. because this isn’t a team sport, this is strictly 1 on 1 and you need to study your opponent and counter their moves while inside the ring and just see body movements the average person doesn’t see and have reflexes much quicker than even other boxers or top athletes. remember, you play basketball, play football…. but you don’t play boxing… so it was cool to see what the champ was talking about…. people think he’s ducking the fight? lol. I’ve seen good talkers, I respect most of the great talkers, but none of those great talkers, ever lost a battle. with that said, the champ don’t always speak on shit, he keeps it quiet, he always has cats guessing… and when that price tag is right, he will be at the designated spot to designate pacquiaos ass.

so After the boxing matches were done, I seen the champ bet on 1 of the fights and was off by 3 minutes literally…. but everyone thought the fight was completely done after the 1st round… he just knew that even though his bet was on a guy that had an eye taken out, he wasn’t about to give up and was a true boxing OG who had been through battles… it was actually a really good fight…. better than most of the fights I’ve seen in a long time and the announcers were fucking shocked to death and hating on Morales(the OG) but couldn’t stop jocking him for staying in the fight and doing his thug thizzle….
the champ wasn’t even trippin on the loss, he kept his composure on some “you win some and you lose some…. thats just part of the game” type shit, in this case, the champ wins so often that it’s almost unreal in vegas for this to happen…. so he knows he’s blessed and we were slow motion for the rest of the night…. just kicked it around and his boy 50 cent came through…. 50 drove up from LA with my homey, our homey Jackie Long….

when they walked in, I knew it was gonna be a funny night….
the Champ called over his barber over and his camera crew and jokes were being thrown immediately…. a lotta side conversations goin on and a lot of business being talked, but all close knit shit, no loose bullshit flapping of the gums…. I think Champ got a big call for a BIG number…. I mean 9 figure money type call…. so he was in good spirits obviously…. 50 was talking about his new album and new movies…. Me and Jackie were catching up on things… meanwhile Rick was handling business and always playing the chill, relaxed cat… canary absorbing all the game up and I’m just chillin talking shit back with 2 greats….. eating snacks… man his pantry is filled like costco!

haha, Jackie was fucking with everyone who was inside the house, especially 50, but 50 was killin him for a second… then he took a pic of 50 with his face covered in shaving cream…. so I took that pic, but you can’t see the bump cream around jackies chin NO HOMO lol

me and 50 and floyd got into the Rolls Royce and took a drive to listen to this track that 50’s producer made and Floyd is gonna get on the track(jumbo was already writing the rhymes and btw, he can harmonize and sing his ass off!)…. I think most woulda thought the drive was surreal, but at the end of the day, no matter about the fame or hundreds of millions those cats got, they are 2 real ass dudes from the hood and keep it gully always….. I was shocked that 50 didn’t have mad security around him… but in Vegas when he’s with Floyd, he’s good…. Las Vegas is the champs town. so ain’t nobody trippin or actin up, because the consequences would be fatal.

btw, I didn’t know 50 got ALL his tattoos on his arms completely removed. DAYUM! like yes he lasered them all off for the purposes of being in movies and not having to deal with being on set 4+ hours early for make up prepping… I’m not mad, but damn on the pain!

I crashed out and these cats were still chopping it up when I woke up….
they were watching old videos of trips they took to mad different cities… I saw one where the champ was in a heavy discussion with George W Bush and Jerry Jones (now George bush is the biggest criminal gangster in american history to me) lol….. there was mad candid videos though

I got up early and headed over to the Mirage to get a room that the champ had got me… MAN! more on that in a minute! BIG SHOUT OUT THE HOMEY BIG KIP (MONEY TEAM SECURITY, PERSONAL SECURITY FOR THE CHAMP) for hooking up the rooms and just always holding down the team and any fort we lay our heads on…. I mean MAN!

so my cousin Steve who is my partner with IF and Co. was in vegas too, so I walked over to the Venetian to get some chinese food with him

some dudes were in a 1992 lexus ES and were like “oh snap! that’s ben the baller and he’s walking!” and were video taping, this was like 12noon and i’m like for real? it’s early as hell to be driving drunk and dumb…. but I said what up and was like, damn vegas don’t stop ever…. literally….
so I shot that pic… then I had to freak it with the instagram steez

so I got it in with my cousin and his wife at the Noodle spot…. then walked over to the sports book to check out the rest of the Bulls game and the beginning of that bullshit ass heat vs. celtics game.
then I headed over to Christian Louboutin next door, but they had nothing for me… headed over to the watch spot and nothing for me… I am waiting for that new Cartier Ballon Bleu jumbo sized chrono in stainless though!
meanwhile, the champ let me hold down the triple black AP

I shot some video footage with the Philthy Rich team off and on the strip….
then headed back to the Villa that Champ got us….
when I walked back in, the Champ was going hard at my Lakers and I was getting mad…. he prolly had money on the thunder, but fuck them and anyone going against the lakers…. if he bet, he covered because the thunder won smh….

so back to the villa…. this was similar to the villa that we got for Rob Kardashian for his bday but couldn’t post pics…. except Rob had less bedrooms and rob had a mini golf course in his patio lol, not kidding
BUT I can post pics of what my room and villa looked like


I had like 2 walk in closets… a big safe for the jewels…. but I had 2 toilets! man, lol I had 2 toilets… I didn’t know which one to take a shit in! haha


this shit was like marquee day club on the outside! there was a full bar, 3 fridges… a full full size bbq pit and mad chairs and warm ass pool and jacuzzi… shit was ultra fly!


I got some more but funny type candids, but I don’t wanna put anyone on blast like that… I’ll wait to see if anyone trys to cut me up

but back to the villa… the inside decor?? just plush like 100,000 thread count Egyptian cotton

I don’t know anywhere that sells 80″ plasma screens commercially, but that shit was big! look at how big it is compared to Jackie Long and he’s over 6 feet tall.

and we got hungry…. so there were mad butlers coming in and out of the villa at different times… I swear the kitchen must have been next door because everytime food came, the shit was piping hot! and man, there was always food! bottles of goose, bottles of patron…. nothing but glass cokes and sprites and ginger ales…. but seriously, we got fed like 4 to 5 x a day!

this wasn’t even the entire meal! you shoulda seen the full table filled with appetizers prior to this… crazy lol

now, you know the champ didn’t have to do all this, but he’s just a cool guy and wants his team to always be good. real shit…. everyone spoke on the champs generosity, even 50 who said I was drinking too many bottled cokes and fiji water lol…. he said, “you see, Ben you couldn’t do this type of shit in my crib… these little things cost $5 each, the champ is too nice” smh lol….

we all sat down at different times of the day and listened to 50’s stories about everything from Pimping to working with J-Lo early to making millions off vitamin water & movies….
now the sit downs we were having at this Villa and at Floyd’s crib were like a power summits for life. no bullshit. fuck these conventions that go on in Vegas on the regular with corporations, I rather be here any day of the year because GAME WAS BEING SPIT BIG TIME during this whole trip… I got to soak up some more knowledge too… and me, 50, P-Reala and Floyd discussed this watch company project that we’re gonna look into starting up…. could be interesting.

you already know that pic was posted on my Instagram feed….

coolin with Canary Chello and the Champs manager Rick

me and jackie sent this picture to Drizzy Drake to say what up…. last time I was kicking it with Jackie was when I was on tour with Drake and both them monkey asses tore their ACL’s lol

yes, the champ got a fully flooded out VVS diamond IPOD

now this??? lmao! I mean… I’m not a fan of Jacob, but I have to respect his hustle… he opened the doors for cats like me, but mannn, this is the ultimate jesus piece clownage to retarded levels… those are 2 carat VVS solitaire studs in each eyeball! do you know how fucking big that is? that’s like $50,000 in each eyeball! thats a 1 of 1 jacob and co. made jesus piece…. yes it’s the enamel style like Kanye, but on Barry Bonds steroids (past Pacquiao level of roids lol)
it’s just so ignorant, I couldn’t stop telling my cousin about it. I mean there is so much jewelry that I haven’t seen, I just don’t ask…. but if the champ breaks it out, then cool. this one had me dying like wtf? are you serious? and you know I can see a stone from far away…. just to give you an example… on our jesus pieces or the standard ones, the eyeballs are like 10 – 15 point diamonds at most, so this is like 20x past that!

late in the evening, the champ was telling old stories of bag snatching during halloween and shit was fucking hilarious! just how bad things were growing up, but you know shit I’ve heard from all my homey’s but just that these cats are from Grand Rapids, Michigan and they speak with a lotta emotion when they talk about their hometown as anyone should….. it was also cool to hear the champ always speak on being positive, I mean you see him talk a lotta shit, but he has to be confident and arrogant… NOBODY WANTS TO SEE A QUIET BOXING CHAMPION! but dude is real laid back, but gets hyped when he needs to…. he also spoke about how he is taking his daughter or set up a field trip for his daughter to go to Washington D.C. and visit the white house…. maybe even meet Obama, I don’t know… but thats cool as fuck.

you know what the most surprising thing was? we didn’t leave the fucking room! or the hotel and the night prior we were just chilling at the champs crib! we didn’t hit no clubs, nothing… pop champagne… I mean to most folks this is already a dream vacation or maybe a big time weekend…. and we had a table set up at a few clubs (KIP YOU ARE ALWAYS ON FUCKING POINT!) and meet ups with cats like Kevin Hart and Hugh Hefner, but we just kicked it… this is just how these cats get down on the regular, so you never know what could happen on any given day of the week and it was slow motion and chillin this time around and I was not mad. when you felt the energy, the club came to us really… nobody wanted to go out. we had everything we needed right there, but you know…. sometimes you gotta just cool out.

so on monday, I woke up and finally got some damn sleep…. smh
talked on the phone with Nic for an hour or so….
ordered some food (DUH)

after I ate… I was food coma’d…

posted up on the chaise lounge and watched Cops on the flat screen and fucked around on my ipad2

then I met up with Rick and Canary to talk some shit on camera….

and then I got a massage at the spa….

before I checked out of the room… I was just curious how the checkout system looked
and then….

if that ain’t some gangsta ass shit, then I don’t know what is… I mean, money took care of the room and everything, but he put some bread down on my name so I could have charging privileges and not get sweated around the casino and shit… that’s love for real.

I can’t express again how appreciative I am of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s hospitality. THANKS CHAMP and shout outs to his entire camp (P-Reala, Rick Brazil, Canary Chello, BIG KIP, Wayne, the chef, the barber, his camera crew, his drivers) and to 50 cent for being cool as fuck and remembering me, to Mike P and to my homey Jackie Long

I’m so glad to be home though for a few weeks or a month maybe…..

I finished up some other jewels… one nice custom clean piece for my lil homey 40 (drakes producer) from OVO and some other things…. I mean 40 is fam, but I want to give each of my boys individual shine and it wouldn’t be right if I bunched them up together on 1 single blog. I’ll post 40’s new TREE OF LEBANON chain tomorrow or thursday.

god bless! damn it took over 3 hours again to write this up and get the pics up…. the video took a little time to combine too


I hope I didn’t talk too much shit and i’ll see all y’all next month!


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