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I know, I know the super enthusiasts and connoisseurs will be upset, but they don’t pay my bills and I’m so proud of our work that I’m not worried about what anyone else thinks professionally.

so we went ahead and made a perfect CNC machine made 7 carat VS diamond bezel for a yachtmaster II. we had to CNC it so that the ridges on the end of the bezel matched the factory look. we channel set the diamonds and unlike 100% of the other ones I have seen made before this one, these diamonds are evenly spaced apart and are all barely touching, not spread out inconsistently with spaces like they don’t like each other…. set in 18k gold. and as for consistency, the diamonds we chose for this bezel are all 98% identical to each other. this bezel 5 years ago(when cats were putting 10 carats channel set on a breitling) woulda cost 1/2 the price, but when you get to .25 carat diamond size stones, shit gets real real expensive. and we didn’t mix any SI1’s in this bunch. this is legit all true VS.


I just have a biased opinion now that we finished this. taking off the big blue OEM bezel just made this watch more wearable…. IF YOU HAVE TO PUT DIAMONDS ON A ROLEX, I STRESS AGAIN THE WORDS “HAVE TO” THEN you should hit us up and we will make it happen for you THE RIGHT WAY!
This watch being $40,000 MSRP already with very little maneuverability on price negotiating is pretty much 1 of the most expensive rolex’s being made right now without any diamonds. the good part? I can put the stock bezel back on anytime I want to….. goodbye

peace and shout out to Chicago!

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