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2 words to describe tonight: STU PID!
jesus. Thank you TK for taking me out and getting me in a waaay better mood. Tonight my lil homey took me down to see the screening of the new movie he’s in called “STREET DREAMS” it’s a film that my homey Nino Scalia wrote and Rob Dyrdek produced. Nino got his break out role too! lol. The movie was dope and it looked so much more high end than the skate movies I’ve seen. The story was realistic and it was just a good look for everyone. It stars Paul Rodriguez, aka P-Rod, Terry Kennedy aka TK and Rob Dyrdek and Ryan Sheckler. The movie screening was at Rob’s new office “the Fantasy Factory” which is located downtown in a 25,000 sq foot place. it’s a skate park, offices and every street skaters dream! They also were shooting Rob’s new MTV show and I got a cameo on the show tonight shout out to the homiez Drama and Turbo… anyways, some pics:

Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory


this is where the movie screening was, shit was dope!
Rob talking to his parents

P-Rod, Me and TK

okay, so after that, we all headed over to celebrate TAL’s bday over @ Coco Deville and shit was off the hook right from jump! I had my boy Ahmad (the biggest boss for real thus far) meet me over there with my boy Dan and Ahmad turned into the Incredible Hulk and immediately ordered 3 bottles off top. Our table was en FUEGO! we had Avril Lavigne to Benji Madden to Chad Muska to Angel (supra krew was in full effect!) to Caroline D’amore to Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian to mad breezy’s to Fly Society and it was outta control. Spent the whole night drinking… ended up popping 4 bottles of Veuve Rose’ like we won the championship and it was a TUESDAY! on top of that add 2 bottles of Grey Goose and we just got foolish, Ahmad, you’re an animal son! Quit smoking ciggs! The DJ took a little while to get warmed up, but once we heard Jeezy it was pretty much Mosh Pit time. We got dummy dumb. man I needed this!

me feelin myself early!

me and my OG sneaker homey, but now mogul: NINO!

me and Kourtney…. Chloe puckering up in the cut

I swear I just like seeing and smelling the sparklers
more then I actually like the alcohol


real talk, we didn’t even finish all the Veuve

Fly Society

Felix, Dan, Ahmad “the sheik” and yours truly KTeezy

me, b-day boy TAL! Benji and TK

me and Marky Mark and Turbo

me and Khloe (that’s Kourtney’s hand being a hater!

me and Caroline

It’s gonna be a good week…. I got Michael Jackon’s piece almost done…..
and I’m gonna take a short vacay this weekend

y’all be easy. I have a feeling I’m going to sleep well tonight!
there’s no better pillow than a clear conscience. some people don’t have that

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