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I remember my first computer in 1983-84, it was the apple IIc and man… we upgraded to a macintosh… then I didn’t mess with apple too much, but eventually got a iMac in and then later got a macbook pro, then a mac pro and then a couple new mac book pro’s and always had an ipod since they came out…. ipad, ipad2 and so on and so forth…..
apple has made my life much easier…. it’s crazy. 56 is young! life is short. he made his mark for sure.

a few days ago, Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber hooked me up with this all chrome iPhone 4. it’s so clean…. so sick! I took it to at&t yesterday and they opened it up and were like…. it’s all official inside, so I don’t know how they did that lol…. I don’t care. it’s swag


and then they announced this

I’m not mad at all… Siri looks cool, so does the iller better new camera, but I’m more hyped about icloud and imessage…. which I can download on the new OS5 in a week….
I might cop one, I don’t know….

meanwhile, RIP Steve Jobs
it was cool to have got to work with apple in designing and marketing the iphone case in collaboration with Monster Cable (for those who’ve followed me since 2007 know what I mean) I will continue to support apple products.


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