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Mark Cuban needs to hit him up and make sure he gets his ring size for real.
but on some other shit? Mavericks are no joke, they shot the lights out and have been on some other shit throughout the playoffs, I knew once we got beat by them that bad, they had to make it to the finals.

this is def a good series/finals, but there is still a ton of sloppy ass playing.
that’s not how it was back in the day when the legends were around i.e. bird, magic, you saw ultra finesse and less free throw shots being missed…. too much microwave era shit invading the world at all angles smh

now on some super real shit?
I said it before, if the Heat don’t win it all, they will be the biggest bust in NBA history.
there ain’t no such thing as rings for losing the finals.
don’t matter if they beat us this year, that shit is for temporary bragging rights, our banners prove everything throughout history. if you made the playoffs at least, then cool, 2nd place in the finals means nothing to losing in the 1st round of the playoffs……
you can’t have multiple press conferences in the pre-season and guarantee a ring

let’s see what happens

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