random things that people say too often and irritate me…

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just random shit, but I hear this so often…
it could be in relation to a dog passing away or a car accident just happening, to wondering if the economy will get better, to wondering if a girl likes you, to who will win the superbowl, etc…

“everything happens for a reason”
really? no shit?
“if it’s meant to be, it will be”
seriously? f.y.i. the sky is blue

this one drives me bat shit when it comes to something you want to happen or want in general and actually have a say, but your low self esteem or too much self esteem gets in the way of general logic
“god’s plan is god’s plan”, “you can’t change god’s plan”
so… what you’re saying is; if it’s in god’s plan, then you shouldn’t do anything, just wait huh? really? ummmm. NAW PLAYBOY!
if it’s in gods plan, YOU STILL HAVE TO DO YOUR PART!
god presents you with a blessing and an opportunity! but if you don’t act on it, it will go away (opportunity’s can/will go away)

it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t meant to be, it means you missed the opportunity. you still have to go put some work in! DON’T BE LAZY!

everyone wants the easy way out and/or a shortcut… (I fall victim of that as well sometimes)


p.s. You think IF and Co. aka Icee Fresh is a nationwide famous brand in the jewelry world by accident? this shit took a lot of grind, sweat and tears… You gotta get up off your lazy ass and also be smart. We’re not that lucky. We saw an opportunity to smash the market… we did that. we will continue to.

god bless

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