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it’s been a blessing that I/We have been killing it…
we got a few baby miami cubans in stock and they’re from 45 grams to 74 grams in weight, white gold and yellow gold and they’re 32″ to 34″ long. around 4.5 to 5.5mm thick and perfect for the baby jesus pieces!
check them out

I’m gonna do some sort of a special on them… gold has gone down a little bit. inquire at the info email.

speaking of babies…
it’s a blessing to have my first born child coming soon….


my wife browses online so much and she ran across these on the Hermes website and I said, I need those! we need those! for our son of course… he’s gonna have so much swagu dripping off his shoulders and errything! haha. I had to though… so cool!

it’s a blessing to be busy and working and to have talents that we can take advantage of…
with those talents come connections and with those connections I get things like these in the mail…


the Cazal vintage 616 wrapped in black snakeskin? what? super rare! the 623 Cazal’s are just classic! From the Fat Boys to too many hip hop legendary artists… back in the early to mid 80’s I was a kid and couldn’t afford them, by the time I could, they were still cool and nostalgic, but its nice to have a minty pair now.

thank you Corey. mad love… I might have to ice one of these bitches out!

now what isn’t a blessing?
accepting the fact that my boy came here on earth, did what he had to do and is gone now… it sucks and I just can’t look at it in a positive light; my boy is gone forever and it haunts me daily…. I’m getting together with some of his fam next week. to honor catdicc2

someone sent me this video/song I thought it was dope. I don’t know if it relates to Jonas 100% but I’m digging it and he would too. this is the type of music he woulda co-signed and had these kids blessed with L-R-G gear

much love and stay lifted always

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