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pretty basic,
just so you know….
even though we’ve sold over 60 jesus pieces this past week alone off this crazy sale!!!!!
there are some customers who still wanted more out of their Jesus pieces and weren’t trippin off no x-mas sale.
now, I seriously might have to stop the sale because we have ZERO inventory at the store, NONE
the thing is we have dozens being made in each size, so it’s all good, but this is just ridiculous.
some of you are going to have to wait for a little bit, maybe a few days to a week, but please be patient!

so this client decided that he wanted to make a black PVD FULL size jesus piece and wanted white thorns and white eyes and he also wanted 3 white diamond tear drops….. so that would make this the first time we ever did one like this ever. why? because the jesus piece is completely solid in 18k black gold with a serious PVD finish. He also wanted a custom made 14k black pvd chain to go with it. He actually got the inspiration for the chain from Pusha T and the inspiration on the piece with the tears from Kanye’ so we collabed with the 2 cats who I’ve worked with to make this joint

check out the pics


clean…. and this bitch is heavy!

here’s the comparison between PVD vs. black rhodium

and this is a pretty damn good picture, in person, they both look nice, but when you’re out, you’ll see one is just dark black and the other has a charcoal black effect to it as you’ve seen here before.

here’s his chain

I personally like this style chain better than the normal one you see on Cudi or the older jesus pieces from 2004-2007, but that’s just me. I like the regular military bead chains on the smaller jesus’s much more though

thanks for the business Louis and thanks for making shit so smooth business transaction wise. some of y’all I understand that it may be a lot of money to y’all, but dig that we’ve been doing this over hundreds of times and that people come to us why? because we know what we’re doing. when I get 4 or more questions about an item like a micro jesus, its time to move on. if it is a lot of money to you, then cool. you should not buy jewelry; this is no disrespect for the dollar bill. understand that we appreciate everyone’s business, but jewelry isn’t cheap and we made some things affordable to let people who couldn’t afford our work now able to. so think before you order an item, a few thousand dollars is very cheap for jewelry, good jewelry shouldn’t be cheap. why? because it isn’t. for instance a place like TRAX NYC? you can just tell, all china manufactured and i2 or worse clarity. seriously terrible looking diamonds. and everything they make is super hollow. we don’t want to price match with them ever.

ok, you get the idea. I hope…..

now, a dude who reps the OLD SCHOOL hardbody!
all the custom jewelry we have made for him is clean and this time he just wanted to say fuck you, this is how I feel……

this piece has just barely over 50 carats in precious gem stones.
the hat is made with deep blue top grade blue sapphires and white diamonds and the shoes are mainly VS bright white diamonds. this piece is so damn heavy. I mean like 300 grams heavy. like a problem heavy….. well the detail is crazy even down to the laces! down to the stripes and even the flea logo!

thank you Galley!

now yesterday I was blessed by the presence of a real G who is doing real things, no ghost ballin at all! but he does own a ghost, as well as a bugatti, an Aventador, an SLS65, a couple Jets and lets just say many more cars and toys… well yesterday was the 2nd time in history I have ever closed my store down for a customer . my dude came in with his friends and went on a shopping frenzy. much love to my new san diego homies! thanks for the business and keep shining, but more importantly, keep shitting! stunt? this is the type of cat who will fly his jet and land on the street and pull into a drive thru in his G4. smh

another thing too…. to my homey Q from worldstar, I appreciate the gifts my dude….

also some gifts from my wife

I got an idea what came from YSL and I know I’m gonna like it!
I have no idea what I got from LV…..

all good.
time to work some more, shit is CRAZY! seriously, I have never ever been this nuts to where I’m forgetting how many orders are in and out. Pusha T shit is crazy! and his new project now is crazy too! a few other joints coming…. thank you everyone!

mad love

also time to figure out where I’m gonna spend new years….. either looking outside a beach front telly window or a high rise fly hotel window…. either way it will be with fam.


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