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It’s truly amazing how powerful the Internet is, or actually how powerful Twitter is….. I sent out a tweet a couple weeks ago about Premium Label and if anyone in Artesia or Long Beach knew these cats…. reason why? because my homey Ashley from Supra was inside a boutique in Brooklyn, NY and seen a tee with my favorite holy grail of be@rbricks…. the Chanel x Karl Lagerfeld x Medicom joint… So Ashley BBM’d me a pic of the tee and I had to have it!

So within literally 3 minutes, 4 or 5 peeps I knew somewhat and some I know personally hit me up and were like “YO thats fam, holla if you need his connects, etc, I got you” and as I was bout to reply, this little homey Franchise hits me up and is like “Yo, thats my patna’s cousin for real, Lemme hit dude” so less than a week later, a box gets sent to my homey Franchise and I just got to visit him last night to grab my gear…. THANK YOU CHARLETON AND THANK YOU PREMIUM LABEL! anyways, the shit is dope because of my obsession with anything be@rbrick and it’s cool becuz the label is local. much love…. there’s some other shit I wanted, but they were out of my sizes

peep game

I don’t give a fuck how new or old this shit is… classic shit with the 1000% be@rbrick joint!

chanel cambon grenade… piff

now again, since Valentines day is near… we’re puttin out shit for you cats who wanna get your girl ICEE
this is a cool ass fully iced out genuine Diamond Hello Kitty set in white gold


“I want the cash, fuck the fame, I’m a simple man….” tupac shakur (a lot of you test tube babies got me all the way confused)

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