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So I had to get my practice on for real this time…. I’m takin this shit serious, so on monday, I had to have my homey Jimmy Boi help me get focused! you can check out our video we made here on me preparing for my battle with Fatlace tomorrow night! I couldn’t use my hands as you will see in this video… (I actually was watching Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon in the back of the whip, but I don’t know if youtube will be lame and remove the video because I don’t have rights to it…. also, I had way more asian exploitation foolishness, but I edited it down since it’s just for fun lol)

check this out!

After Jimmy Boi left, I had the homey Homicide come by the crib to chill out while I practiced! He brought the homey Jack Sparrow by 1000% all day!

and then of course, he just goes into chill mode and lays up on the couch as he’s been doing for the past 15 years at my crib… smh… drinking everything, feet stanking… smh…. but he was working on his new mixtape. make sure you check that out!

So thanks to my homey Bee Nguyen who is now the LA brand ambassador for Belvedere vodka, he came through the pad while I was practicing my Street Fighter IV skills early…. for my battle vs. Mark “Fatlace” Arsenal. Bee laced me with a bottle of the “intense” 100 proof vodka and a magnum of the regular Belvedere vodka… honestly? I’ve always been a fan of Belvedere before the grey goose hype started…. follow Bee @beenguyen he’s also the founder and co-owner of Hot Air streetwear brand.

this and that swisher got me RIGHT! thanks Belvedere, thanks Bee!

just a peek! I’ll have more photos and video tomorrow or very soon to show of the game if I can get my hands on a copy!

can’t show too much more… my foe Mark Arsenal is flying in on the Fatlace jet tomorrow… so I gotta get back to practicing!

wish me luck!

p.s. I haven’t used my hands in a few days. I’m not even typing this blog entry, my assistant is. I am saving my hand strength for the battle so my hands are crisp for the battle. and to use them to touch some boobies. thats it!

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