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yep, that’s the name of Homicide’s next mix coming out this summer…
the last one was fire and this one will be the same, his album artwork is dope….
but we shot a majority of the video yesterday (he has footage from Miami, Vegas and mad Hollywood shit) but we captured LA, the contrast from rags to riches, beverly hills to skid row…. this cinematographer is dope as fuck!

he shot this viral video for LMFAO that actually shoulda been the real video for “party rock anthem”
check out his work…..
this shit is a dope ass video and it really sums up my party rock fam….

so you can imagine how sick this video is gonna be for Homicide’s shit and then Homicide is coming out with his Album…. smh, been a long time since he had an album out…. now my dude is the black david guetta…. the homies joke around and call him DarkMau5 lmao!!!!!!

before we get into the video shoot…
wednesday night Nic had a fashion show for LolliMe bikini’s and since my iphone can’t really catch action shots and also since I had to MC it, I’m gonna show some pics I forgot to show you of the shoot from sat I know…
but I have a few shots from the show/club, but only of Nic and her friends….
here’s 3 shots from saturdays shoot….


to all my girl readers out there, there is obviously nothing like a custom made high quality bikini…. and also one that costs less than D&G or Gucci but better made and changes with each season and stays on top of fashion…. LolliMe got that and again with better quality check out

so wednesday night, we had a bikini fashion show at Colony and there was also a party for Playboy going on there…. so it was very crowded and a good look for everyone… shout out to Cherie and my SBE fam, Dean May, Dave Osokow, etc etc…. shout out to my homey Reggie Bush who creeped up on me at the end of the night… smh.

the show went well, but my Mic wasn’t working so great, so I had to kinda fall back by the DJ booth and the runway was in the front part of the club….. all the models were hired by Uppercut Models (thanks Erica)

Nic and her friends….

and she HATES IT when I ruin her pics by making a fucked up face lol…. I love it

okay so let’s get to the video shoot!
this fucking pain in the ass music video has been pushed back almost 4 times! we finally got it locked in yesterday and we started late!

had to cut my wig…. #instagram

it was hot as fuck yesterday, so I changed from slim jeans to shorts….

no way, I’m waiting for Homicide to show up in the parking lot at 10? and its 11am? smh
he was busy getting new kicks at Supra while I was waiting around like a dick and then we had to wait some more at the dealership FOR 2 HOURS!

who has a champagne dolly?
WE DO MOTHERFUCKERS! and you need to when you’re trailering a 6L of Perrier Jouet around lol…. the shit is the size of a toddler, but weighs more and we put a seatbelt on that hoe!

*off to the dealership down the street….

I think those who know me know I’ve been eyeballing the 458 italia new body/model Ferrari for a while now and it’s been like 3 years since I had something stupid in the garage…. so I test drove one the other day and then Homicide rolled it for the first time yesterday and we decided to go half on it… I haven’t been able to sleep because of that shit and it’s been a while since I felt this way! (lol, he’s always out of town, so I win kinda)
before we got rolling, I hated lightweight on homicide and put the whip in Automatic mode and set the limit at 125mph max lol…. now Homicide’s had a couple lambos and is used to nice cars, but I still didn’t want any extra foolishness happening until we got our shots off… because the Beverly Hills Police HATE MY GUTS AND REMEMBER WHEN I HAD MY 2003 360 SPYDER WITH THE ILLEGAL PIPES…. and ever since late 2004, they have known me and never forgot me.


and now you know I had to take one for instagram….

so let me say this before I get any further… I’ve driven every single ill whip there is, I mean like 94% of them, my boy has a reventon, but I’ve never asked to push it…. I’ve driven a veyron and it was pretty damn amazing, but I think the experience and the sound of it moving around like a hovercraft made it more crazy then anything, but I cannot tell you how fucking unbelievable this 458 drives! I mean it is so damn smooth! I forgot I was in a Rari for a sec…. it felt as smooth as my R8, but waaaaay faster, waaay cooler, and still super stable, but not the super hard drive I’m used to with exotics. wow! I opened that hoe up on the way back home from the Beverly Hills hotel! ugggghhhhh!

so we got some ill shots of Homicide driving all through the key areas in Beverly Hills thanks to Anthony and Dante from the Black Eyed Peas who drove around and followed us while 2 camera men got different angles and shots


we got it used, but who cares… kinda high miles for a 2011, but then again, for $270,000 that’s a steal! put a 100 racks each on it and financed $70k so the note isn’t bad at all and Homicide got A+ credit

we got some lunch and for the 3rd time ever in 20 + years, Homicide actually paid for the meal lol…

and don’t ask why….

I accidentally took a pic of my belt while I was in the bathroom smh

while we’re on the instagram tip, I swear to god this next pic was by accident too

I don’t know why or how the camera went off on my phone, but it did and it looked cool so…. #instagram

so after lunch we headed up to the Roxy and cruised down Sunset Blvd….


rolling down sunset and seeing Homicide’s name on the Marquee at the world famous Roxy Theater was key! and we also filmed a little bit inside…. then headed down to skid row to meet up with our big homey Mister Cartoon

the shots we got on the way pushing through the outskirts of k-town and all that doesn’t glisten in LA and the really seedy poor parts was necessary too… it showed the true contrast of our town and when we got to skid row, it got really real.

when we got there, we shot all the low riders, all the art and just all the fucking culture that pours out of Soul Assassins Studios…. what else can I say about Cartoon that I haven’t said on here already 1000x? I mean he is a living legend and he’s always about 3 things, his family, his art and his business! dude laid down a blueprint for me and I’m still using that shit for life!

we got into an old school whip discussion, not the classics like the chevy’s, but the 80’s gangster whip and I had to show Homicide Cartoon’s Nissan Truck with the new bed/shell

once he seen the Cellular phone, he just couldn’t even speak anymore…. let alone just seeing a 1958, 1959, 1969, 1961 and 1962 impala all retardedly fully done, fully dressed and fully sick! that just showed another angle of how much of an animal toons is with this classic car game.

toons was tattooing a G from Toronto while we shot some scenes….

my boy Mr C Toons GETS DOWN!
and shout out to Rich, small world homey

I can’t believe we got all those shots done and wrapped up the entire shoot in 1 day pretty much…. there are a few more shots needed and those will take place on cinco de Mayo
shout out to Dante and Anthony (cinematographer/co-director)

you know what happens when you get too much Corzo in Homicide?

he puts a burger on top of his head… smh

like I said…. while that italian horse was asleep in my garage…. I was upstairs wide the fuck awake…. and so I decided to watch the Royal Wedding and I was lightweight watching it… I mean Nic wanted to see what Princess Kate was wearing as every fashion oriented and even non fashion oriented girl wanted to know… I could give a shit what she was wearing…. it’s just crazy how much hype they threw on this wedding when I think Princess Diana was a bigger deal, but they didn’t have the internet then and social media etc… what’s crazy is I was in London during the royal wedding in 1981!!! I drove past the buckingham palace and all that and it was bedlam and shit, but they didn’t shut down the whole city like they did today smh….
anyways, fuck all the small talk…. when they showed Queen Elizabeth pull up in that 1 of 1 bespoke Bentley, I lost my shit! I mean WOWOWOOWOWOWOOWWWWW! even my homey JD was like DAMMNN!
I can’t even explain it, from the super extra tall glass! how long it was and the fact that it was custom made 1 of 1 by Bentley and made only for the queen of England, that just shits on any $8,000,000 maybach or whatever peasant shit you got…. man, I stared at that shit the entire time thinking, I wonder if my homey G Platinum is checking this shit out????? DAMN


that last pic doesn’t even do the whip justice because it has the covered back window which is obviously removable and that’s what sets it off! that big ass glass? no tints? thats what the fuck I’m talking about, fuck tints… that’s boss shit! 90% of the entire roof is glass too, no tint! when they were panning around the top of it from the helicopter footage, I was like deeeeaaammmmmm!
I mean these pics I put up don’t do it justice either…. just seeing that shit drive slow on my super clear HD screen made me “mannnnnnnnnnn”, that and spending $55 million on security was just insane. jesus…. I went downstairs and got sad again….. like that rari ain’t shit lol

aite y’all


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