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THIS IS HOW MY FAMILY GETS DOWN ANYWHERE THEY SHOW UP TO WITH REGARDS TO CARS! I DON’T WANNA HEAR ANY DIPSHIT TELL ME ABOUT SOME FAGGET ASS COFFEE AND CARS OR NOTHING. YOU SEE, YOU CAN HAVE A SICK WHIP, BUT HAVE ZERO SWAG, THEY SAY THEY DON’T CARE BECAUSE THEY HAVE THEIR ASHWORTH POLO ON AND SOME LAME NIKE BASKETBALL SHOES ON WITH SLACKS ON AND BE LIKE, BUTI HAVE THIS CAR, SHUT THE FUCK UP CLOWN AND GO BACK TO NEWPORT BEACH WHERE IT’S SAFE. ok, lol now that’s off my chest…. my boys shut it down…. haahaaha, I love the cheerleaders who try to talk crazy on my site too or the dicks over at HRE or who swear they are F1 drivers… “hey ben baller, let’s take it to the track! chicken?” no fag, let’s race on sunset blvd doing 150 in traffic, fuck a track. homey I ain’t gonna drive 2 hours to race you. that’s never how me or my boys got down! (sidebars) sigh* OK FOR REAL THOUGH, I’M DONE, LET’S GET TO THE AUTO SHOW!

by this point, it’s just playing unfair
a small but strong family from a 1 bedroom apartment in Hollywood turned a business into an empire.
crazy how we grew up on pretty much the same street names, but they were just 20 something blocks exactly north.

anyways, another year at the LA auto show, but this time, they had to defecate on the competition.
there was really nothing else to see, fuck the north american debut of the M5 or even my new car “the new Porsche 911 carrera S aka the 991”

they wanted to see what the Platinum Boys were doing, it’s more than motorsports, it’s a lifestyle!
some pics


just a new LP700 aka the Aventador…. nothing much


remember that skeleton of a bugatti that was at the platinum body shop?
well yup, that’s what it looks like today, CRAZY! matte white, body kit, custom wheels. and as if the shit needed anything else. my only complaints with bugatti is their color combos, but this one is shitttinnnnnnn

and if you haven’t seen this car on the cover of at least 4 major magazines from European Car, Motor Trend to DuPont Registry, then you aren’t a car enthusiast…..

it only has like a $85,000 body kit along with 2 million horsepower smh…. shit is NO joke and my boy Jack has it’s evil twin brother but in the drop top edition


don’t trip on the matte black paint job being perfect….. trip on the mansory kit and twin turbo this phantom has…. also got a crazy stupid sound system with a motorized trunk like we’re at a car show or something :p


racing this P would be like boxing with no gloves against a mountain, you know you’re gonna lose

remember Kim K’s italia that I had to teach her how to drive? yeah…. it was there chillin while she was kicking it at home low key waiting for all the bullshit to die down

so then we walked over to one of Platinum’s comrades booth for Mansory Kits and checked out a couple of their whips and when I say carbon fiber? smh. I don’t even want to describe it really, just peep pics of how these cars that didn’t need any extra work GOT WORK!


that ain’t the same type of carbon fiber you see on honda civic’s cruising through the SGV or even any GT-R’s have that type of carbon fiber


I don’t know why, but my camera turned on an automatic flash for this panamera, so it kinda made the pics look weird, but this was the hardest panamera turbo I’ve seen and I’ve seen some ill ones. just a bit too much for my taste.

to see a recap of how my boys hurt the feelings of everyone else there, check out this video

I didn’t check out anything else in the car show except my car that I have on order….
walked to a different wing of the convention center and Porsche had their totally own area….


I ordered the exact car but in black, same wheels, same interior style and I got the “S” because its the top model you can get; the turbo doesn’t come out til late next year or early 2013. this is the best everyday whip. fuck all the extra shit. just simple and clean. love how it looks, love the super clean and bright LED’s and the longer body and just a more refined version of the current 997

aite, my boys killed it, sorry for the late update

I got some x-mas gifts already too, I’ll post pics later to show my appreciation.
I got some x-mas gift shopping to do too


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