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I definitely make this blog about jewelry 1st and my lifestyle a very close 2nd…. and once in a while, I help out my friends business’s or my endorsements due to the high traffic I receive on my blog…. well I know recently, there have been a big mixture of things and while I’m very busy with this hectic ridiculous weekend in LA, I stopped everything for 30 minutes to compose this blog entry…. PLEASE READ AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!

So if you don’t know this by now… my girl is a vegetarian and a super animal lover…. for that reason and others she refuses to eat meat and refuses to buy a dog, she will only get a dog from the pound or rescue it!
she has 4 dogs! all were rescued……

well a friend of hers/mine recently adopted a dog from the pound and this is the story below.
(the following words are from her, I rarely EVER copy and paste, but made a big exception to rule in her case)

1st pic – This is when we first saw the handsome little guy at the
Orange County animal shelter. He was still unavailable at that time
because he was taken in as a stray. Days later we went back, he was
still there so we visited with him for a while and decided to adopt
him. He was perfectly fine at this point.

2nd pic – Here is the handsome pup on his way home… He was very happy
and full of life despite just getting his nutts chopped off. At this
point we noticed a litle limp (which he didn’t have before when we
visited with him 2 days prior)

We looked online, read that it may be due to soreness due to being
neutered. This didn’t seem right so the next day we called the
shelter, they told us to bring him back so we did. At this time all
the shelter did was give some medication for his cough with no mention
of the leg at all.

We decided to take him to our own vet, our vet suggested we get X-rays
so we did. At first the vet thought it may be just a broken foot or
toe which would’ve been an easy fix with a cast or splint. X-rays
came back with the bad news, he has a left broken knee (left tibial
crest) and would require extensive surgery so he referred us to a

Our options were to 1, return him to the shelter (which basically means they’ll put him to sleep) 2, amputate the leg (making him a tripod) 3, Get the surgery done so he can live a normal happy life.

We have a $4,000 bill for the little guy, any help would be greatly
appreciated! Thank you!


also, she mentioned to me….
“we just found out it would also be another thousand dollars a month from now to remove the pins so he can grow properly…”

I have been in the same situation before with a cat that I had for 15 years of my life who traveled with me to 5 different homes and 4 different cities!

if you can, then great, if you can forward to someone who can, then thank you….
I always give back, I do a lot for people, so you already know I appreciate it big time!

god bless

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