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Just got my car back from the detailer and had to stop by Platinum Motorsport to pick it up. They had me sign the Platinum Motorsport Celebrity Wall of Fame today even though, I’m not famous… I signed it anyways, everyone else up there is though. lol
Platinum is preparing for their 10 year anniversary party which is going to be HUGE! With hosts Kim Kardashian and performances by Fabolous and many many many more big surprises!

F.Y.I. nobody on earth is tuning or customizing cars like Platinum is. I’m sorry, I’ve been in this car game waaay before 20″s ever existed and they have taken the motorsport game to a whole different plateau. They have done all my cars since 2004 and it’s been better than dealing with any dealership or other motorsport place EVER! My 2008 M5 is such a beast and they did every single thing to it except the ecu tuning which was done by my boy Jags @ Singh Autosport.(there honestly isn’t a better ecu tuning person then Jags on the planet, he can guarantee get you over 31hp to the wheel to up to 100hp + with his cpu and magic) My car is obnoxiously loud and sounds like a nascar racing an f1 car all in 1. If you get a chance, stop by the shop, they’re located @ 7327 Melrose Ave. LA, CA 90046. They’re also the exclusive distributor for Agetro wheels and the Invader Body Kit. Their client list is thee who’s who of every celebrity world from pro athletes to A list actors/actresses and even famous doctors! THANK YOU GEORGE, JACK, SAM, HOVO, VICK AND POPS FOR EVERYTHING!

here’s some pics of what my M5 currently looks like


if you want to hear how loud and retarded my car sounds like in the morning, then click on the video below… remember folks, this is a cold start, so its not even at full throttle!

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