peaks and valley’s….. the weekend wrap up!

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sorry again for not being consistent with updates, but real talk, this past weekend has been good and stressful, I try to share everything with my readers, but I also have to keep certain things in for the respect of loved ones…. but I do tell you what I want you guys to know and I really hit highs and the lowest of lows this weekend….

let’s start with some good shit:
Friday was get money day…. I took care of some shipments, made some dope ass cufflinks for my homegirl Lydia who owns a clothing brand called “dealers of the purple cloth” they were a gift I assume for a friend…. they are icee as hell and we’ve been making custom diamond cufflinks for years.
sorry for the blackberry phone pic (I just got my new camera a few hours after I shipped these off)

so then I look over a nice prototype black jesus piece, we’ve been making mister touch the sky aka mister flashing lights…. we took our time because we’re not making the pieces in gold or with diamonds…. they are costume in the sense of how Chanel makes their jewelry… anyways, I’ll have some pics up soon. I think you saw some of the non metal prototypes that I mosaic’d before…
so I take in a few more orders, I got some g-shock orders coming in…. thank you Jordan again for your assistance last week. I appreciate it, we’re gonna kill that piece for you.

this weekend was the JCK convention which is the largest diamond/jewelry convention for all jewelers and everyone comes out for this event, from the huge names to jacob to even the little viet dude in houston who steals our pics and claims them off as his own…. but this year, we didn’t attend, we’re busy making these pieces and I got a few more to make as we speak… meanwhile, while I was out grinding, my boy Loso aka Fabolous was out in the streets reppin our IFandCo work!

thanks fab, I’ve been getting a lot of calls and emails about this chain!
YO JUS! YOU’RE NEXT G! I got you….

I took it easy and chilled, but drank waaaaaay too much.. and then…
the hangover was the worst I’ve had in a long while only because I had a lot of stress to deal with and some personal battles and stuff that really fucked up my mood, energy, etc….. so I didn’t get my ass out of bed til 5pm or so. I then headed over to teddy’s to see my man Jus Ske spin, shit was wack. I hate going out in LA for real, I’m just too old for this shit….

also, while browsing myspace, I just found out that I’m in a feature for an aussie mag called FREESTYLE. I haven’t seen the mag, which is funny because I’m fuckin in it and nobody has told me….. (I do a lot of interviews)

anyways…. woke up mad early today 6am early for some work related shit

okay, gotta count some cake and get ready for this week, I got some jewels to make and it’s the 1st of the month! HOLLA! god bless!

thanks for reading!
p.s. I deleted the application for Blackberry Messenger off my bold yesterday, shit was annoying. I’m going to maybe add it later and keep it to 30 contacts max! I had close to 500 at one point!

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