out of town again! and thank you new advertisers!

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ironic I posted mac or pc earlier this week….. AND GUESS WHAT? my PC took a shit. it’s done, no fixing it. right before I left out of town, so I’m thinking fuck a desktop, just gonna mainly use my macbook pro and get right on there…

I do need to import all important files off my harddrive off the busted DELL(pos) to an external… anyone in LA want to help me next week?

thank you to all my new advertisers, as you may be seeing, quiznos, under armor, bellagio hotel, sprint mobile, national guard (lol fuck it!) ….. thank you Ryan D (bnqt) and Chris CtotheJL for building that network!

I’m gone til monday, but I’ll be posting what I can from this basic ass hotel room…. I’m also USTREAMing now…. so peep out my twitter page to catch up with me (i’m on central time)
Free video streaming by Ustream

it’s fucking freezing here!
also, all my pics and illustrator/pshop programs are on my desktop, not my mac smh….

stay tuned. happy friday, god bless!

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