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I’m currently in “the town” just got in from a lightweight night at the bar… no NOT munchbar, never again to that shit hole….

let’s start with thursday’s breakfast with my boy Eric Dlux… we planned on lunch at Porto’s but the line was longer than a Drake concert. shit was NO joke, so we headed a little bit south but still in Burbank to this breakfast spot called “Bea Beas” and it’s the talk of that area, but I think there are still better spots in LA. shit I think even Toast fucks with it, but def. many other spots. it was good though…. me and Eric got to catch up on a bunch of shit and he’s blowing up and traveling the earth doing his thing…. shout out to my boy big syphe who is also doing big things with his new single with Pitbull off the Men In Black III soundtrack going platinum! good shit Syphe!


the omelet was good. not the best I’ve ever had and the smore’s pancakes were good, but not great… but the most important thing was that the company was good! thanks Eric! for dinner that night, I headed over to STK for the lil homey Yousef who manages the diamond store on fairfax’s birthday dinner and party after…..

the food at STK if you get the right thing is 100% official…. we chilled with the whole diamond fam, minus a few cats who were busy and even Nic joined us…. then we all headed over to Playhouse to see our boy Eric Dlux do his thing and I swear to god, for LA and it being such a hollywood spot, he got dirty dirty ratchet on the crowd and they loved it….. frenchie to 2 chainz! crazy!
lotta folks in the house… it was my boy Quincy’s (diddy’s son) bday also, he had the table next to us and Drama from Fantasy Factory showed up with Dee and Kev D and some of my OG LRG fam…. lotta cats were there….


the place was turnt up 1000%

you know we did our thug thizzle with the bottles


magnum Dom P rose’, magnum Dom P and the glow in the dark Dom P for the haters…. and 2 bottles of that ciroc just for the wildlife fund

you already know I was on the mic ruining everyone’s night!

I was lit and for the first time, didn’t have my car there, so the homey Tony drove me home safely. (thanks G)

Friday, I sat my monkey ass at home and handled all the pre party arrangements for our big baby shower, I got a swag massage down the street from our house and then a mani/pedi and Nic did the same…. for dinner… I hit this peruvian spot in Glendale called “mamitas” and I’ve been before and I will say their food got better, but still can’t fuck with Marios’….

of course I got the Lomo!

I don’t think I’ve posted pics of our crib, nothing special…

that’s our living room… new couches coming soon! I’m gonna donate these $9000 leather ones to a needy family


now you might can’t tell, but our backyard without all the tables and tents and decorations is actually pretty sweet and was featured in Home and Garden magazine months ago and of course I don’t do the upkeep or did I create it…. we have landscapers and gardeners come every week to manicure and keep our shit nice…..

so fuck my low budget pics….. let’s get to the professional pictures

I got pics from our baby shower thanks to Andrew Ho for coming down to capture all the moments… now I won’t share all 700 + pics, but I will show the key photos


it was an intimate affair, about 55 people I invited to our new home and I hired the bomb ass catering from Luxure Catering.


crazy thing is… this isn’t even all the food we had. smh… we had filet mignon, skewers, prosciutto sliders, caviar, hummus, salads, salmon, tuna tataki, lobster dumplings, crab legs, crab cakes, cheese puffs, desserts made with chocolate cups, cake pops and so much more, mannnn. food was excellent!
thank you Avo and thanks George for the hook up!


we had awesome drinks(white/red wine, homemade sangria, champagne and rose’, vodka, blue moon, heinekens, boxed water… special iced tea) catered food, family and our best friends join us this past saturday at our home and it was a coed baby shower… Nic and her friends decorated the whole backyard and we had a party planner come out and put up tents and tables and chairs and I chipped in here and there lol… but hey, I handled my end! there were funny ass games, guess Nic’s waist size, what guy can drink beer out of a baby bottle the fastest (Lil Ice won! aka ICE-T’s son) and the key is the bite the top of the nipple off so you can actually win lol…. I cannot express how thankful I am to have such wonderful friends and we received the most amazing gifts on our registry and shout out to George and Jack from my platinum fam and Apolo Ohno who gave outside our registry because they’re just fancy motherfuckers lol

but again, it’s so rare that I get to invite my mom and family over to mingle with my friends and all get together to drink wine, pop champagne (rose’) and eat all together; so I had a wonderful time. my in laws are all so amazing and Nic’s whole side of the family are incredible people. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SHOWED UP!!!

lol, this is what celebrities do when they don’t show up to your events….

but I found out later, that I did forget to give Nic Rob’s address so that’s my bad damn…. but Rob will be over often being a good uncle.

we’re about 90% finished with our new home, but the nursery is finished. thank you Tracy!!!


now my friend Tracy owns a very nice high end baby furniture company and they do everyone’s nursery’s! she is the shit! literally…. she makes the best baby furniture and there are tons of options if you click on that link above. just check out the many different companies she has that specialize only in baby furniture and nurseries! TRACY WE OWE YOU BIG TIME!!!!
reminder, nice baby furniture ain’t cheap…. but if you mention my name to Tracy’s site, I’m sure she’ll give a discount. and that glider (looks like a rocking chair but moves totally different and better) will hit you for over a stack easy…. without the ottoman that glides also…..

we’re having a little dragon, so you know he’s bringing wealth and prosperity!

speaking of our little Dragon London Asher Yang….
I made him his first chain and he’s not even born yet!


you know I had to…. 18k gold and my son will be rocking this straight out the womb thanks to my whole icee fresh team! thank you Steve!

our party started at around 1pm and was supposed to go til around 4:30pm, but people stayed til 8-9pm… I was so burned out after I passed out for a long ass time. sleep is not the word….

sunday was my 1st fathers day!
we hit the americana for a meal and some light shopping and then I got to open my gifts (never expect any and I always tell Nic, you can’t get me anything because I don’t want anything and I have everything I want or need. so don’t get me shit. lol)
but she hit it on the dot for real….


this that classic grown up swagger right here! (sidebar, yes supreme bit off of Hermes, that’s what supreme does. often)


please believe I will be rocking these Peter Griffin boxers! lol. swear!

and my boy Apolo, lost his mind… I think too much Olympic training made him crazy, because my boy must have listened to Wale’s chain music where he shouts me out and says “ben baller, 6 bottles, talking such expensive slang” smh sheeeshhhhh

that’s 6 bottles of vintage limited edition Dom Perignon rose’ right there!!!!
thank you AAO

fathers day and the weekend was amazing until the bitch ass Heat got a huge advantage from the refs and won game 3…. I’m not worried though, they won’t do it. I got faith. OKC is just a better team period.

so this blog post wouldn’t be right without some ice!

and I always aim to please….

I bring you the first ever Extra Large Jesus Piece.
jacob didn’t make it, but we did

sorry I didn’t have my camera on me, so it’s only Iphone pics

top row: micro jesus pieces
middle row: baby jesus pieces
bottom row: full size jesus pieces and the last one to the right in the XL


and to see how big it is, here’s me wearing it


now the regular full size Jesus piece is 9 carats in diamonds, this is 13 carats and is heavy! and I love the bigger stone size…. piece is beastly and if you are interested in making one, hit us up on the email… or call us. this one is already spoken for.

I’m in the 206 til thursday then I get it in with my boys at illest and my boy Nyjah Huston (congrats on winning street league again!) for some custom projects!

see you soon,

god bless!

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