online store finally coming soon.

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so the weekend was nice and relaxing.
just got back home and have a lot of work to do this week.
shout out to my die hard fam: Q worldstar, Dillon and Susu for keeping it live for a cat like me.

so yes, the online store will finally be a reality very soon. we are finally launching and it will be our home page. maybe a splash page then the store comes up after a short pause. but the blog will play the secondary position. it’s very tough to get in my entries these days due to the baby and work and press in regards to the show.

I appreciate everyone who has shown love. I appreciate the haters too. My followers make me work hard and the haters make me stick around a lot longer.

I have to shout out my boy Alberto at the Ritz Carlton in NYC for holding me down this weekend in a beautiful suite in Laguna… I’ll try to get a blog up asap on that. and shout out to Abel and Travis at Katsuya in Laguna for really making an amazing and spectacular dinner for me and Nic.


also, don’t forget, this wednesday, me and Benji Madden have our episode (4) releasing! I’m very excited to show you guys.


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