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that title sounds fit….
this is the weekend of cats coming up.
pretty much already celebs who are really about to take their shit to the next level…..

Friday morning, I get a wake up call EARLY from my boy Wale….
tells me he wants to get some new Maybach Music Group pieces made and he wants them not big, not small, but about a little bigger than a jesus piece. Fully iced out and swagged out for everyday wear….. and he’s going with a Miami Cuban link to give it the true OG feel…. yellow gold of course

Wale got 1,000,000 + twitter followers, but I think he’s gonna make sure y’all know he’s gonna be here for a little bit longer than the haters want him to be. I might be making some more of these…

I got a top secret project I’m working on that I cannot talk about until December, but it will be our biggest publicized project maybe ever.

so I was working on the top secret project and Wale’s MMG piece at the store Friday all day….

we decided to remake some more “micro jesus pieces” but this time, not all flooded out. We are NOT going to make them with gold only, but we will make them in 2 options: fully iced out or like this below with just the thorns iced out.


you can see now the size of this compared to a nickel. we usually put it on a 22″ or 24″ chain and even a 26″ sometimes….. get your guido swag on with a 22″ though, shit is tough! we’ve sold a lot of these….
this particular one was sent to canada and ask dude how fast he got it…. NEXT DAY! #FREESHIPPING
this is an affordable way to get one of our pieces…..

after work, much later…. I linked up with a kid I met via twitter who sings other peoples songs in a sorta mocking way, but its so good and cute that he became an internet celebrity off it. His name is Keenan Cahill and he flew into LA to do some work. You can google about him and his talents and his struggle to fight off his rare disease that he has. His spirits are so great and his team is on point……

we talked about some biz and things and I was glad he thought of me….
the crazy part about this whole thing is that he hit me up on twitter and I didn’t know he had an account and me and Nic were just looking at his videos maybe 3 days before he hit me up! the internet is crazy!

and my boy was repping the fam!


it was a pleasure linking up with you Keenan!

After that, I just got on a video skype with the love of my life until I fell asleep….


I woke up early again to bad news this time….
NFL legend Al Davis past away… he may have been a dickhead and jerk to most, but dude was a legend and the last of a ultra rare breed…. he went from the bottom to the top truly in every aspect! I remember the 1st time meeting Al Davis was in 1994 on the floor at the Forum during a Lakers Game…. his swag was unreal. shoes to everything. lol… dude was a pimp.

so after getting my morning started… I made a huge mistake

so I have now tried both Ono’s and L & L and to be honest, L & L is not the business…. the mac salad at Ono’s is very good, but IT HAS TO BE VERY VERY BAD FOR YOU! smh… I felt so sick after eating all the food…. the galbi is def not anything near what I’m used to, but the bbq chicken is good for sure.

I was reading about the whole “occupy wall street” thing on my phone while eating….. and then I walk outside and see this

I’m not mad at them cats for protesting, but that guy who wrote that is definitely mad! lol
it’s not Obama’s fault. No president could have had better results inside 4 years. I can’t believe his term is almost up.

so I was at the shop for most of the day…. then I shot over to the Grove to meet up with a very old high school friend of mine…. what up MONEY MAKING SONNY! haha
the grove was packed! and it was a beautiful day!
then since I was already on fairfax, I shot over to Diamond to grab 2 new hoody’s…..

then I took my “dong saeng” (little brother) Tony Tones with me to go see the homey Jo Koy who is on his tour…. but this time the show was for his Comedy Central stand up special…. Jo has been grinding this shit for longgg time! and it’s really paying off this year. he’s blowing up and he’s on Chelsea Lately…. this special will put him where he belongs and gives us asians more people to look up to.

I’ve never been to that theater before, but me and Nic just ate at the pho place next door and saw he was performing….
I got placed in the front of the theater and I was told to “behave” lol…. you already know I was gonna talk some shit! and the whole Crooks fam was there of course because they endorse Jo and Josep reps them hardbody..

shout out to my crooks fam….

you already know the deal #VIP
they didn’t allow cameras or phones on while filming…

so Jo KILLS THE SHOW… I won’t say too much to ruin it because it airs sometime soon… but lets just say, he PUT ME ON BLAST! I’ll wait to see if it makes the cut. but damn! smh lol

after the show ended, the homies went backstage to chop it up and I wanted to thank him and tell him he’s a fucking fuck

Crooks Jo Koy IF connection!

man, there were so many filipino’s there it was crazy lol…. he got that pinoy joke swag down packed!
thanks again!
BUT BIG SHOUT OUT AND THANKS TO JO KOY AND ALLEN AND JERRY for the vip love and tickets and stuff

after that, me and Tony Tones went to my favorite authentic Thai spot and killt some food and then my ass went to bed… the show ended late


watched my nation… RAIDER NATION do their thing and take their record to 3-2 with the W…. we should be 4-1 right now, no BS…. we’ll get 10 wins though and hopefully a wildcard playoff spot
I didn’t do shit else but watch 24 yesterday and Boardwalk Empire is getting it cracking all over again! I love this show. but How to Make it in America is so fucking bad. it’s so forced and just awful… the only good part is my homey Javiar who plays wilfredo gomez in the show…. I was hyped to see him act for the 1st time.

I did pass a small milestone yesterday

I hit 10,000 followers on instagram
remember, this is only for iphone users. nothing else, so from what the owner of IG says… this is like having 100,000 followers on twitter or even more, because of who can access this.
I love instagram and I appreciate all those who follow and like my pictures… but I will say that the prince of pop Justin Bieber had a big part of getting me all those followers….. speaking of JB, he’s in brazil doing his thing and about to head to Argentina… meanwhile he sends me jokes via text…. ok, you wanna joke with the king jokester lil homey? we’ll see haha we will SEE!

I’m gonna start watching Breaking Bad and do some shopping maybe… I need a couple things for the crib… and some new 4 footers! haha

I want a new car man! but there’s nothing I love out there.

enough blabbering.


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