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yesterday I had a lot of work to do….

was so busy working and rushing that I got into a small car accident (NOT MY FAULT)
and I got a call early from the lil homey Justin Bieber to come through to his video set…

the only problem is that I had to work and finish stuff downtown, but since the videoshoot was in downtown LA… I shot through there for a couple hours to hang with the homies.

but first….

me and my cousin steve stopped to get a bite to eat at Bottega Louie!

so after the stress….
I went to the set of Bieber’s new video “Santa Claus is coming to town” to get harassed by him and Sean Kingston…. but at least Scooter and Kenny had my back…. until like a punk Kenny decided to try to dunk on me while I was checking out how tall the bogus rim was backstage smh

so JB comes out looking like Rufio from Hook! lol.


he had this magic glove…..

I don’t know how it fit Sean’s hand lol

A closer look….

yep… that’s how she feels about me

these 2 cats look innocent, but they fucked with me all night…. in fact, It got so bad that the video shoot was distracted…. but it’s okay, once Justin turns 18, I’m gonna give him a throat chop! EARLY!

JB talking to his mom lol…. Alfredo in the cut

now I don’t think Scooter was directing this video…. but he was definitely sitting in the directors chair a lot lol
but why is the screen blurry???? hmmmm

after the video wrapped…

we took a group pic with the kid sensation Jalen who Bieber was showing mad love to. I just watched some youtube vids on him and damn… at 10 years old, he’s already doing major things!

shout out to Jalen, his pops…. to Ryan(nice to meet you) good seeing Kenny, Scooter, Carin, Jimmy, Teach and Sean and of course Alfredo

when we left…. Sean jumped in his RR drop head…. while JB had both his Stealth Range fully done up and his brand brand new Cadillac CTS-V super suped up and done up crazy! I didn’t take a bunch of pics…. but the motor sounded like heaven and hell at the same time


I’m glad the work day was done…. nobody got hurt and my boy George is going to fix my car.

peace everyone!

and p.s. yo Justin…. thanks for the followers! haha
it’s for charity, so the kid gives back! good shit JB.

now peace for real!

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