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yep, from 1 extreme all the way to another….
crazy huh?

the other day I stopped by The Stereotypes studio to get some lunch in and chop it up with the homeys just because…. Jon Street from the Stereotypes brother came by IF the other day too and we’re gonna make him something cool, so I had to grab some collateral from his bro lol…..
it was Ray from Stereotypes bday, so happy birthday Ray, congrats on all the success! see y’all soon and thank you for lunch! Clementine is definitely one of the best Cafes/Restaurants for Lunch in all of LA!

at short bus studios…. they’re studio is an all the way full legit studio. very nice

some of the art in one of their recording booths…. animated characters of the stereotypes… while I was in there, Steph Jones was there writing and about to record and dude got a good memory….

so back to my kid shit…..
I headed over to Diamond obviously after work and as soon as I get out of my whip I see Rob and Tyler OFWGKTA talking shit….. Tyler finally gives me the chain designs that he drew up… FINALLY! and I’m doing this outta the goodness of my heart smh lol and he took this long? damn!

walked into Diamond to chop it up with Nick for a second and Tyler is just fucking with everyone…. I’m like thinking, son you are bonafied famous now, shouldn’t you be doing an instore today? lol….. his CD is sold out of every store in LA, so I guess not…. they left last night to Boston, then NYC and their LA show was crazy…. I just couldn’t get myself to walk in there and be fucked with by a bunch of rowdy ass teens…. Tyler kissed some girl on the forehead (mind you she was actually cute) and she got so excited she threw up all over the stage…. then some fan walked over and licked it all up to impress Tyler! wtf???? jesussss

so anyways, I picked up a couple small things from Nick from Diamond summer….

pretty ill! I hope you guys understand the simple but clever design on that tee….

and then he showed me some coin pouches that are dropping soon

I couldn’t take pics of the limited edition ones he’s doing with Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y, but those are super duper ill…. the ostrich skin taylor gang one is gangster…..

so then Nick gave me a Mike Carroll “girl” board, a full set up…
gave me some brand new trucks, some diamond P-Rod bolts… some bearings and I had Rob from OFWGKTA set up my griptape…… after that, I walked down to Supreme with Tyler and he picked out some wheels to use for my old ass… last time TK and Stevie Williams gave me a board, the wheels were too small and too hard, they hurt the fuck outta my body because the ride was so damn rough! but these spitfire 56’s were nice and soft and smooth! all the way yes homo btw…..


AGAIN, THANK YOU NICK DIAMOND! thanks Rob, thanks Tyler…..

btw, Tyler kept fucking with everyones copy of Goblin…. he was writing wreckless ass shit on their CD’s lol…. thank god I only have the digital copy, I wanted a deluxe edition, but when I went to Best Buy it was sold out

hell naw lol

smh, he got Tony good lol… there were a few of them, but then Tony deleted them shits….

and the Vinyl copy of Goblin is pretty dope. I’m so fucking shocked that they even pressed vinyl up!


so went home…. watched punk ass Boston give away the game for the 3rd time to Miami and then I knew OKC was gonna hand Memphis their ass….. I think Chicago is gonna “try” to give Miami a run for their money, but at the end of the day, it’s gonna be a toss up. there is NO way Dirk is gonna let Miami walk over them, it’s either going 7, or Dallas is getting Dirk his 1st ring…. it’s not gonna be a cake walk period. BUT it will be a lesser watched Finals with Dallas vs. Miami….. Miami vs. OKC will be a higher watched series and I think Chicago would be good too, but their just too young to take out a more seasoned Miami. FACTS: THERE ARE ONLY 3 DYNASTY’S IN THE HISTORY OF THE NBA, THAT WOULD BE THE BOSTON CELTICS, THE CHICAGO BULLS AND OF COURSE THE PURPLE & GOLD…. LOS ANGELES LAKERS. FACT!
good luck to everyone else that’s left!

so back on my kid shit…..

go cop one of these asap!

they finally make one of the iphone4 and it’s only like $75! cheap

speaking of the iphone4….
back on my instagram shit…. the homey Travie McCoy got on last night for the 1st time and started following me and put up some ill pics! follow him at “travielazarus”

thats like 5,000 followers on twitter… crazy, only been on for 6 or 7 weeks

okay, you know I gotta post up some jewels….
some things for sale…


fully iced out Cartier Santos 100 XL Chrono all white diamond watch for sale.
looks like Lupe Fiasco’s watch almost to the tee, but we didn’t make his watch

and then if you’re feeling studly…. cop one of these things

7 carat big diamond prong set eternity band. that’s 14 diamonds, all SI legit diamonds, 1/2 carat (.50ct) each stone….
and then the 30″ stud chain with .10 – .12 pointers….. total of 19 carats, SI1/VS2 diamonds very good color set in white gold

both selling for a low price, inquire at
ATTENTION IDIOTS WHO HAVE NEVER BOUGHT JEWELRY BEFORE. a necklace like this sells for over $20,000 at a regular retail store that doesn’t carry close to the quality of work we do. just so you know. and we’re asking way less than that.
NEVER BUY ANYTHING OFF EBAY THAT DOESN’T HAVE A PHYSICAL STORE LOCATION! be smart and do research. quality work will always trump a lower price, no matter what. and our prices are low

now, if you’re feeling even more studly?


your life will suck like this euro trash dickhead’s life does now because he was on his phone not paying attention to the light or the person make a left turn onto his street while that person had a green light still smh

be careful everyone and regardless of what the studly dos equis man says… never stay thirsty

p.s. shout out to Dennis, Rob and Emil over at Crooks for the new gear…. see y’all on Saturday at the Crooks Sunset Blvd. location for their summer line release party!

peace and god bless!

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