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still adjusting and getting used to this east side of LA life… I like it, quiet. can do what the fuck I want and not worry about neighbors… I’m in that 2nd to right lane and still cruising at 80mph, but the cops ain’t checking for me, so I’ll leave the fast lane for the youngsters who wanna be in a hurry to go nowhere….

let’s start with some food.
if you’re ever on the block aka Fairfax, then check out Rosewood Tavern. it’s right across from diamond supply and besides Golden State there’s some decent eats. but my boy ordered the Fish and Chips…

and it was the size of 4 iphones. smh DAMNNNN!

we made a sick new cross!
we made a nice pave’ border and then added a gold crucifix jesus onto a layer of invisibly set princess cut diamonds.


the cross is solid but barely over 2″ tall with the bail. and that vintage tiffany link chain sets it off nicely!

of course I had to tattoo our IF on there

back to some food…
hit up koreatown and boiling crab for our favorite indulgence of seafood!


that catfish tho! man, I put hot sauce on eerything! this time I didn’t do the whole shabang except on my corn… I went with the lemon pepper and it was right on right on….
thanks Andy and Annie… much love to Mila and Justin and Jesse for the good company

while I was getting it in there…
my friendly earth team was doing it big with an e-cycle event at Whole Foods in Seattle!

done right, this could be the company that takes me into an early retirement and never again will my family or anyone with my last name have to work again

did you know that it rains in LA?

shit was no joke for a few hours… made me want to leave LA for a while… but I got to meet up with a Nascar drive Tim George Jr. who copped a watch from me… much love to Tim

and when I got too stressed out….

I had Nic drive me around town lol

oh yeah!
I met up with my boy Justin Bieber before the weekend and we talked about jewels and cars and I caught up with Kenny, Ryan and Alfredo and it was good to see all of them, I missed out on JB’s bday party, but I was in the caribbean doin it lovely with my wife…. so we chilled at the studio for a few hours and listened to Justin’s album and that shit is knocking! I really loved like 4 songs strong and liked the rest for sure. I didn’t really know too much about his old album except that baby song….


he’s been rocking the baby jesus heavy! so we had to reload up on them again.. this time we stocked the all black on black which is slightly less in price than the others…. thanks JB and hit me next week when you need that thing! Biebs called me today and I was shocked that he was super sarcastic… all good. kill them with that single my G…. if you haven’t downloaded it off itunes, cop it now! it’s a good song.

we had a funny group text pep talk last night when it dropped!

so I got it in today heavy… right into shooting a commercial for vintage frames and the illest collab we’ve ever done with anyone to date on pure stupidity! we got some shit coming next week so dumb that 2 + 2 will = 7. and then we shot for a book and then I got it in with a few clients… I’m making some more jewels (what’s new?) and shout out to my boy Jason of BH who shouted me out in his latest interview…. he shouted out 2 people: Lawrence Graff and Me? damn lol haha. much love fam

am I forgetting something? I’m sure I am… so much to do, I start my day early and still forget shit. I just want the proper work hours to be pushed back a little bit so other cats can catch up, they stop working and I don’t. smh

shout out to Arsen, Geo and Carlos at Hall of Fame LTD for the new fitted and ill 530 media snap back hat… shout out to my whole diamond life fam for the new khaki’s and shout out to ebay for my new blu ray dvd’s! haha


I kinda fuck with this hat and pretty much every release that Hall of Fame has been putting out!

alrighty then!!!!

gotta go and see what this hunger games is talking about…


and more love


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