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and out of all the custom 2 finger or 4 finger rings we’ve made, this one is the ultimate in fuck you status… and who better to make a custom skateboard ring for than the best pro skateboard street skater?

Nyjah is already a previous customer of mine and he’s won 2 street leagues and an x-games while being a customer…. so this time he wanted a 2 finger ring and he wanted it to be all white gold, no steel or regular teck deck wheels, he wanted it legit. white gold wheels and all that. we had to measure and work around his hand size to make sure it fit right and all the specs were perfect to his custom/tailor likings…. the wheels and trucks had to sit proportioned to his pinky and index finger and it also had to fit comfortably when the ring was on. Anyways, here’s pics of the wax mold….


so once we got the ring size and fitment down packed… we went extra hard in the motherfucking gold!



met up with my dude after my coveteur shoot and right where we were for x-games a couple weeks ago…. he was psyched! and I was hyped for him….

work hard, play hard. you deserve it Nyjah!

total specs, 75 grams of white gold, 8 carats of white VS diamonds, 1 carat or red rubies and all that work! that work though!

shout out to Nyjah’s mom who is cool as fuck and super supportive of her son… I want to be the same way with my kids much love homey

oh and the 11-11-11 is when his pro video “Rise & Shine” came out. and of course, that red logo in front is the Element skateboards logo


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