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but this was also a FAT BOY weekend, word to Q!
my boys from worldstar are finally leaving town today and thank god, because these motherfuckers took shit to a whole different level!
man, we ate and ate and ATE!

friday, I finally went down to the new Diamond Supply co. headquarters and warehouse…. shit is BIG
grabbed a bunch of gear for the kids for my last Niketalk summit

the guys there BBQ’d up some burgers and we reminisced about some old school times with Jonas

then, I finished some work….
then linked up with the WSHH crew

headed down to Fairfax aka the block and my boys did some damage…. dropped like $5k on gear and kicks from FlightClub and Diamond Supply…..

that’s Q right there swagged out on the Disney X Harley collab lmao! (JK)

and then… got ready to get some dinner

I mean…. the spaghetti is “as good” as La Scala…. but La Scala doesn’t have KOBE MEATBALLS on their spaghetti! smh… TOO good! AND THEN WE KILLED LIKE 3 DESSERTS!
smh, fucking Q! damn son

went back to the telly and chilled in the lobby and the room talking shit and smoking splifs…. I was amazed and baffled on how Kat Stacks is really about that Bottom Bitch life. No offense to Q because he manages her…. but when she gets out of jail, hopefully she has a story to tell or sell


went to work and still working on this BIG PROJECT which will be done today but not ready to be announced for another 5-6 weeks….. finished some other work and then had to start some new jewels for the homey J from Worldstar….

my boy Aron came in town and copped a watch and is staying in a 5 star telly next to my house… so I dropped off the watch to him and he laced me with some fresh ass Orthopedic sandals…. and I laced him with some more diamonds!

then I met up with the WSHH crew and we headed out to get a massage….
I’ve got a lot of massages before, but this one was recommended highly by a 5 star hotel concierge, so we gave it a shot and mannnn…. I was getting stretched out like a fish out of water….. my back stepped on. elbows to my back like a WWE match… but the end result was amazing… I got a LOT of tension worked out

after that, got ready for dinner….. Fogo de Chao swag

man….. their house special beef is amazing….

had to tap out… no more meat. PAUSE

then we shook immediately to spark something up and then headed over to see a midnight movie….
I never seen dudes try to get swagged out to go see a movie lol


my boys Tea and Q had a different pair of Cazals on everyday…. I was lightweight surprised….
of course the vintage eyewear was provided by my man Corey Shapiro

now about the movie?
THAT SHIT WAS BULLSHIT! that movie sucked! fuck that movie!
that’s all lol


woke up early as hell…..
had to meet up with Pro Skater PLG who has won countless tourneys and X-Games

he came down to the Slauson and copped a watch and is getting 2 custom pieces made and we just started a nice new relationship…. he posted a pic on instagram of what he copped and it got to the popular page! haha

then I shot straight over to LA Live for the NT summit….

everyone except one dude was late….
all in all, we had around 25 heads show up and we had a good time, we met up at ESPN zone and not for the food, but for the good company and to chop it up about whatever…. we also watched a lot of football as they had on EVERY single game on…. it was really cool. I got to meet some new cats and answer any questions they had about anything pretty much….

we rented out the upstairs Arcade area and had it completely to ourselves. so since we ate lunch there, they gave us double points and so we go it IN…. I mean 25 cats but there were waaaaay more than 25 games up there


the games were a lot of fun…. and thank god we had it blocked out!
I gotta come back here and get my big kid on

then we went down to get everyone laced up with diamond supply gear and some xbox gears of war 3 games


everyone was able to get some tees, hoody’s, sweatshirts and accessories… also those who had XBox 360s got a free gears of war 3 game


this was 3/4 of the attendees…..

my boy Rob has been on NT since 2001 or so… came to the 1st So Cal NT summit and hasn’t missed any that I know of… maybe one. good to see you my G, also good to see a few cats I ain’t seen in a while.

thank you everyone who came out. was only a 2-3 hours of your day
and it was a beautiful day

I shot out of downtown and took the LA expressway aka 6th street

I can’t drive down this street later today though because OBAMA is coming to town and that fucks off traffic major!

btw, the publicity team of McDonalds corp hit me up and speaking of Summits…. they want me to put another McRib summit together lol! and they’re gonna pay for it!!!! haha, not kidding!
crazy! man I’m gonna be 200lbs before the year ends.

I went home to take a nap…. my simple ass woke up hella hella late!

I was supposed to hit up halloween horror nights at Universal with my boy Ry Good, but I just couldn’t get out to that way and it was cold as fuck and I didn’t feel like waiting in line at all!

but I linked up for my last night with my Worldstar fam and we headed over to MyPatio to get it in…..
we had to celebrate a future collab with WSHH & IFANDCO

you already know….. Dom P rose’ my favorite rose… even maybe more than PJ rose’

y’all came here iced out and are leaving too icee… “SO ICEE ENTERTAINMENT!” haha

it was a pretty basic weekend….. but I got to give back

remember, I’m shipping out the prizes to the winners of my twitter contest tomorrow
that xbox cost me $500… and it’s a fully loaded console boxset
the beats are my personal pair brand new
the watch…. well you already know!

I hope everyone has a great week!


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